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OS 1810s Old Series
map type 'OS 1810s Old Series'
SN: Maps, parts of Hampshire, Old Series 1 inch maps of England and Wales, sheets 14, 12, 8, 15, 11, 9, 16, published by the Ordnance Survey supervised by LtCol William Mudge, London, 1810-1817.

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button HMCMS:FA1998.91 -- map (sheet 10) (illustated)
button HMCMS:FA1998.92 -- map
button HMCMS:FA1998.243 -- map
button HMCMS:FA1998.244 -- map
button HMCMS:FA1998.245 -- map
button HMCMS:FA2001.6 -- map (illustated)
button HMCMS:FA2003.1.8 -- map (sheet 8) (illustated)
button HMCMS:FA2003.1.9 -- map (sheet 9) (illustated)
button HMCMS:FA2003.1.11 -- map (sheet 11) (illustated)
button HMCMS:FA2003.1.12 -- map (sheet 12) (illustated)
button HMCMS:FA2003.1.14 -- map (sheet 14) (illustated)
button HMCMS:FA2003.1.15 -- map (sheet 15) (illustated)
button HMCMS:FA2003.1.16 -- map (sheet 16) (illustated)
button HMCMS:FA2003.8 -- index map (illustated)
button map notes -- ORDNCE6.txt

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