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Paterson 1785
map type 'Paterson 1785'
SN: Road strip maps, with sections in Hampshire, in Paterson's British Itinerary, by Capt Daniel Paterson, London, 1785; published 1785-1807.

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button HMCMS:FA1999.25 -- title page (illustated)
button HMCMS:FA1999.26 -- dedication page (illustated)
button HMCMS:FA1999.27 -- strip map (vol.2 p.23/24) (illustated)
button HMCMS:FA1999.28 -- strip map (vol.1 pp.45/46,47/48)
button HMCMS:FA1999.29 -- strip map (vol.1 pp.45/46,47/48) (illustated)
button HMCMS:FA1999.30 -- strip map (vol.1 p.61/62) (illustated)
button HMCMS:FA1999.31 -- strip map (vol.1 p.67/68) (illustated)
button HMCMS:FA1999.120.1 -- strip map (vol.1 p.59/60) (illustated)
button HMCMS:FA1999.120.2 -- strip map (vol.1 pp.69/70,71/72) (illustated)
button HMCMS:FA2000.35 -- descriptive text (illustated)
button HMCMS:FA2000.36 -- descriptive text (illustated)
button HMCMS:FA2000.38 -- strip map (vol.1 p.31/32) (illustated)
button HMCMS:FA2000.39 -- strip map (vol.1 p.33/34) (illustated)
button HMCMS:FA2000.40 -- strip map (vol.1 pp.37/38,39/40) (illustated)
button HMCMS:FA2000.41 -- strip map (vol.1 p.43/44) (illustated)
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