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Tunnicliff 1791
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These notes are made from the map of the Western Circuit by William Tunnicliff, land surveyor, Salisbury, Wiltshire, 1791. The map includes Cornwall, Devonshire, Somersetshire, Dorsetshire, Wiltshire and Hampshire; the notes here only concern Hampshire. The map is still pasted in its road book in the Map Collection of Hampshire CC Museums Service, item HMCMS:FA1999.72.1
map type: HantsMap & Tunnicliff 1791
The road book (FA1999.72) is:-
A TOPOGRAPHICAL SURVEY OF THE COUNTIES OF HANTS, WILTS, DORSET, SOMERSET, DEVON, AND CORNWALL, Commonly called the WESTERN CIRCUIT. CONTAINING An accurate and comprehensive DESCRIPTION of all the PRINCIPAL DIRECT AND CROSS ROADS IN EACH RESPECTIVE COUNTY. In which the Situations of all the TOWNS, VILLAGES, NOBLEMEN'S and GENTLEMEN'S SEATS, NAVIGABLE RIVERS, CANALS, &c. upon and in the Vicinity of each Road, are particularly expressed, and their relative Distances exactly ascertained. EMBELLISHED WITH NEW AND ELEGANTLY ENGRAVED MAPS of the several COUNTIES, taken from ACTUAL SURVEYS, And laid down with great ACCURACY on a large SCALE. ALSO A general MAP of the WESTERN CIRCUIT. And many Hundreds of Elegant ENGRAVINGS of the ARMS of the SUBSCRIBERS, Arranged in a Manner entirely New, and neatly finished by an eminent Artist. LIKEWISE COPIOUS AND COMPLETE indexes of all the Roads, Exhibiting at one View the several STAGES, PRINCIPAL INNS, FAIRS, and other Objects of Note thereon. TO WHICH ARE ADDED, Accurate TABLES of the Distances from Town to Town, in each County, ... By WILLLIAM TUNNICLIFF, LAND-SURVEYOR. SALISBURY: ... M,DCC,XCI.


map maker    

The map originator is given by the book title page. On the map, lower right, is:-
A NEW MAP of the WESTERN CIRCUIT of ENGLAND, by W. Tunnicliff. 1791.

north point    

The map has a north point with a cross line. North is marked by a fleur de lys; the other cardinal points are labelled 'E', 'S', 'W'.

scale line    

There is a chequered scale line of 30 miles, length 49.2mm. The scale calculated from this is 1 to 981307; the map scale is about:-
1 to 980000
15 miles to 1 inch

lat and long scales    
There are latitude and longitude scales in three borders of the map (the fourth border is tucked in the spine). They are chequered at 10 minute intervals, labelled at 20 minute intervals. Degrees are labelled in roman caps. The longitude scale is labelled:-
West Longitude

sea area    
sea plain    

The sea area is plain. Some sea areas are labelled, eg:-
Christchurch bay

coast line    
coast form lines    

The coast is drawn with a bold line and form lines. These extend into harbours, and into river estuaries, which are exagerated.

Rivers are not drawn any further inland than their estuaries.

hill hachuring    

No relief is shown in Hampshire. In Somerset the Mendip Hills are drawn by hachuring and named; in Wiltshire some of the edge of Salisbury Plain is hachured.


In Hampshire is labelled:-

Each county is outlined by a dashed line and labelled, eg:-

Only larger settlements are maraked, towns on the roads - this is a road map, not a general topographical map. All towns have the same symbol, building and tower, ie a church symbol. Major towns are labelled in upright block caps, eg:-
Smaller towns have lowercase upright, eg:-

Roads are drawn by a single line. Going out of Hampshire to the west the roads continue on their way; going north or east, out of the range of the map, the destination of the road is labelled, eg:-
to London
from Oxford
The roads on this general map do not exactly match what is drawn on the county sheet.

roman roads    

A roman road might be labelled, eg:-
Roman Road [the Portway]
Roman Way [the Icknield Way]
perhaps named, eg:-
in Somerset.


At the beginning of the book's chapter for Hampshire is:-
AN INDEX TABLE OF THE DISTANCES FROM TOWN TO TOWN, One and all from each Other, IN THE COUNTY OF HANTS, AND Additionally extended out of the County TO Weymouth, Plymouth, Falmouth, Bristol, Bath, Birmingham, Oxford, and LONDON.


William Tunnicliff published a Survey of Staffordshire, Cheshire, and Lancashire, 1787, calling himself a land surveyor, Nantwich. A further edition which added Somerset, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire was published from Bath, 1789.

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