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These descriptions of Hampshire topography are taken from the Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne, by Rev Gilbert White, Selborne, Hampshire, a series of letters of the late 18th century published 1788.
White, Gilbert, Rev: 1911 (edn) & 1788: Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne in the County of Southampton: Macmillan and Co (London)

map type: HantsMap & White 1788
The letters were written by Rev Gilbert White to Thomas Pennant, to the Honourable Daines Barrington, etc. Rev White's own introduction says:-
THE Author of the following Letters, takes the liberty, with all proper deference, of laying before the public his idea of parochial history, which, he thinks, ought to consist of natural productions and occurrences as well as antiquities. He is also of opinion that if stationary men would pay some attention to the districts on which they reside, and would publish their thoughts respecting the objects that surround them, from such materials might be drawn the most complete county-histories, which are still wanting in several parts of this kingdom, and in particular in the county of Southampton.


Footnotes are added into the main text in square brackets [].
The two books, the natural history and the antiquities, are a series of letters. Topographical descriptions from these are set out in separate records, from:-
The Natural History of Selborne:-
The Antiquities of Selborne:-
Indexing the sections is for Hampshire interest.

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natural history
button nh1: Natural History, Letter 1 to Thomas Pennant: Selborne; The Hanger; soils; relief; geology; rivers; wells; oak trees; beech trees; sheep; drought -- WHI1NH01.txt
button nh2: Natural History, Letter 2 to Thomas Pennant: elm trees; oak trees; Raven Tree; raven; birds nesting; Norton Farm; The Plestor; Selborne; storm; Blackmoor Estate; Losel's Wood -- WHI1NH02.txt
button nh3: Natural History, Letter 3 to Thomas Pennant: fossils; bivalve fossil; Mytilus crista galli; cock's comb; Cornua ammonis Well Head; Clay's Pond; Nautilis sp; Ostrea sp; clay; freestone; geology; Selborne -- WHI1NH03.txt
button nh4: Natural History, Letter 4 to Thomas Pennant: freestone; hearth stone; lime kilns; chimney piece; quarries; blue rag; cob wall?; roads; rust ball; ironstone?; galleting; Selborne; houses -- WHI1NH04.txt
button nh5: Natural History, Letter 5 to Thomas Pennant: roads; hare; partridge; pheasant; woodcock; quail; land rail; birds; game; weather; climate; wind; rain; Oakhanger; Selborne; forests; hops; spinning; barragons; Alton -- WHI1NH05.txt
button nh6: Natural History, Letter 6 to Thomas Pennant: Selborne; Woolmer Forest; forests; bog oak; wild fowl; bird; lapwing; snipe; duck; teal; partridge; grouse; deer; red deer; gamekeeper; Woolmer Pond; Queen's Bank; Anne; Liphook to Petersfield; Waltham Blacks -- WHI1NH06.txt
button nh7: Natural History, Letter 7 to Thomas Pennant: deer; Waltham Blacks; Black Act; forests; rabbit; heath fire; Waldon Lodge; Brimstone Lodge; Feast of St Barnabas; Greatham; Woolmer Forest; Bishop of Winchester; Hoadly, Rev Dr -- WHI1NH07.txt
button nh8: Natural History, Letter 8 to Thomas Pennant: Woolmer Forest; Oakhanger; pond; Bin's Pond; willow trees; duck; teal; wigeon; snipe; fox; pheasant; Alice Holt; forest perambulation; Binswood ; King John's Hill; Lodge Hill; Hartley Mauduit; Mauduit Hatch; Short Heath; Oakhanger; Oakwoods; Hogmer Pond; Cranmer Pond; Woolmer Pond; carp; tench; eel; perch; fish; sedge; torrets -- WHI1NH08.txt
button nh9: Natural History, Letter 9 to Thomas Pennant: Woolmer Forest; Alice Holt; Howe, Emanuel Scroope, BrigGenl; Mordaunt, Mr; Legge, Henry Bilson; Stawel, Lord; oak trees; Binsted; Goose Green; deer; fallow deer; red deer; poaching; wild boar; timber -- WHI1NH09.txt
button nh22: Natural History, Letter 22 to Thomas Pennant: churches; jackdaw; rabbit -- WHI1NH22.txt
button nh28: Natural History, Letter 28 to Hon Daines Barrington: ash; pollard ash; trees; rupture; folk medicine; Selborne; Plestor, The; shrew ash; shrew; cattle -- WHI1NH28.txt
button nh29: Natural History, Letter 29 to Hon Daines Barrington: trees; fog; transpiration; Selborne; ponds; geology; Newton Lane -- WHI1NH29.txt
button nh37: Natural History, Letter 37 to Hon Daines Barrington: Selborne; potato -- WHI1NH37.txt
button nh38: Natural History, Letter 38 to Hon Daines Barrington: Selborne; echo; King's Field; Nore Hill; Galley Lane; hop kilns -- WHI1NH38.txt
button nh45: Natural History, Letter 45 to Hon Daines Barrington: relief; geology; geomorphology; Nore Hill; Whetham Hill; Hartley Park; Worldham; lavants; springs; Hawkley Hanger; landslip -- WHI1NH45.txt
button nh46: Natural History, Letter 46 to Hon Daines Barrington: Selborne; Short Lithe -- WHI1NH46.txt
button nh59: Natural History, Letter 59 to Hon Daines Barrington: fossils; bog oak; Woolmer Pond; cabinet maker; furniture -- WHI1NH59.txt
button nh60: Natural History, Letter 60 to Hon Daines Barrington: gun; swivel gun; Selborne Hanger; The Lythe; Comb Wood; echo; Hermitage; Combwood Ponds; Hartley Hangers; anathoth; barometer; Newton Valence; altitude; Newton House -- WHI1NH60.txt
button ant1: Antiquities, Letter 1: bear; wolf; Britons; Romans; Woolmer Pond; coin; roman coin; Marcus Aurelius; Faustina -- WHI1AN01.txt
button ant2: Antiquities, Letter 2: Saxons; Domesday Book; Editha, Queen; William I; litton; Church Litton; Culver Croft; Grange Farm; pigeon houses; Lithe, The; Well Head; John; King John's Hill; Lodge Hill; Edward III; Gloucester, Duke of; York, Duke of; Woolmer Forest; Edward II; Ken, Morris; stag hunt -- WHI1AN02.txt
button ant3: Antiquities, Letter 3: Selborne; Domesday Book; church; St Mary's Church; font; garlands; virgin's garland; Knights Templar; White, Gilbert; White, Samson; Etty, Andrew, Rev; tombstone -- WHI1AN03.txt
button ant4: Antiquities, Letter 4: Selborne; St Mary's Church; bell; bell ringing; Stuart, Simeon, Sir; Vicarage -- WHI1AN04.txt
button ant5: Antiquities, Letter 5: Selborne; church yard; St Mary's Church; yew; trees; Edward I -- WHI1AN05.txt
button ant6: Antiquities, Letter 6: Selborne; St Mary's Church; Magdalen College; Oakhanger; Bene's Parsonage; vicar; & Roger, Rev; Lynne, John, Rev; Tybbe, Hugo, Rev; Fisher, William, Rev; White, William, Rev; Boughton, Richard, Rev; Inkforbye, William, Rev; Phippes, Thomas, Rev; Austine, Ralph, Rev; Longworth, John, Rev; Cromwell; Byfield, Richard, Rev; Long, Barnabas, Rev; White, Gilbert, Rev; schools?; roads; White, John; Rood Green; Honey Lane; Oakwood Farm; Cane, William Henry, Rev; Bristowe, Duncombe, Rev; Etty, Andrew, Rev; Taylor, Christopher, Rev -- WHI1AN06.txt
button ant7: Antiquities, Letter 7: Selborne Priory; Selborne; de la Roche, Peter; John; Bishop of Winchester; Black Canons; augustinian priory; de Achangre, Jacobus; Oakhanger House; de Norton, Jacobus; Henry II; de Lucy, Stephen; charter; de Venur, John; Actedene, Richard; Chapel Farm -- WHI1AN07.txt
button ant8: Antiquities, Letter 8: Gurdon, Adam, Sir -- WHI1AN08.txt
button ant9: Antiquities, Letter 9: Gurdon, Adam, Sir; Makerel, Thomas; Prior of Selborne; Temple; Waterford Henry; Knights Templar; Chapel Field; hop kilns -- WHI1AN09.txt
button ant10: Antiquities, Letter 10: Selborne Priory; Selborne; Sir Adam Gurdon; The Plestor; oak trees; market; fair; Henry III; Elliot's; Magdalen College; Norton Powlet; Rotherfield House; Edward I; Wolmer Forest; Alice Holt; Suffolk, Duke of; East Worldham; West Worldham; Dartmouth, Earl of; game; outlaw; Hawkley Mill; Dorton -- WHI1AN10.txt
button ant11: Antiquities, Letter 11: Knights Templar; Selborne; Southington; de Blois, Henry; Bishop of Winchester; South Baddesley; Temple; Selborne Priory; de Saunford, Robert; roads; cattle; Samford, Robert -- WHI1AN11.txt
button ant12: Antiquities, Letter 12: Gurdon, Adam, Sir; Selborne Priory; Selborne; Longspee, Ela; mass; Langrish, Nicholas; deed -- WHI1AN12.txt
button ant13: Antiquities, Letter 13: Selborne Priory; Selborne; Prior of Selborne; election -- WHI1AN13.txt
button ant14: Antiquities, Letter 14: Selborne Priory; visitation; Wykeham, William; Bishop of Winchester; mass; silence; St Augustine; habit; canon; hunting; alms; boots; costume; Visitatio Notabilis -- WHI1AN14.txt
button ant15: Antiquities, Letter 15: Selborne Priory; visitation; Wykeham, William; Bishop of Winchester -- WHI1AN15.txt
button ant16: Antiquities, Letter 16: Selborne Priory; Bishop of Winchester; Beaufort, Cardinal; Beaufort's Register,; Elstede, Richard; Weston, Thomas; Wynchestre, John; Halyborne, Thomas; Lemyngton, John; Stepe, John; Ffarnham, Walter; Putworth, Richard; London, Hugh; Brampton, Henry; election; Prior of Selborne -- WHI1AN16.txt
button ant17: Antiquities, Letter 17: Selborne Priory; Selborne; Bishop of Winchester; visitation; papal bull -- WHI1AN17.txt
button ant18: Antiquities, Letter 18: Selborne Priory; Selborne; Bishop of Winchester; Waynflete, William of; visitation; Stepe, John; Berne, Peter; St John's finger bone; relic; live stock -- WHI1AN18.txt
button ant19: Antiquities, Letter 19: Selborne Priory; Selborne; Berne, Peter; election; Prior of Selborne; Morton, John -- WHI1AN19.txt
button ant20: Antiquities, Letter 20: Selborne Priory; Selborne; Berne, Peter; election; Prior of Selborne; Morton, John; Wyndesor, William; London, Thomas; Bromesgrove, John; Bishop of Winchester; Fairwise, Thomas -- WHI1AN20.txt
button ant21: Antiquities, Letter 21: Selborne Priory; Selborne; election; Prior of Selborne; Fairwise, Thomas; Wyndesor, William; Richard Jenkyn, Richard; Bryan, Galfrid; Wyndesor, William; Berne, Peter; London, Thomas; Stratfeld, William; de Lacuna, Guyllery; Peverell, Robert; notary -- WHI1AN21.txt
button ant22: Antiquities, Letter 22: Selborne Priory; Selborne; election; Prior of Selborne; Berne, Peter; Bishop of Winchester; Ashford, Thomas; Clydgrove, Stephen; Ashton, John; Canwood, Henry; notary; Sharp, John -- WHI1AN22.txt
button ant23: Antiquities, Letter 23: Selborne Priory; Selborne; Prior of Selborne; Ashford, Thomas; de Insula, Walter; de Winton, John; Weston, Thomas; Winchester, John; Stype, John; Berne, Peter; Morton, John; Wyndesor, William; Fairwise, Thomas; Sharpe, John -- WHI1AN23.txt
button ant24: Antiquities, Letter 24: Selborne Priory; Selborne; Waynflete, William; Bishop of Winchester; Magdalene College; dissolution of monasteries -- WHI1AN24.txt
button ant25: Antiquities, Letter 25: Selborne Priory; Selborne; Waynflete, William; Bishop of Winchester; Courtney, Peter; Magdalen College; Ashford, Thomas; Langrish, Nicholas; mass; Oglethorpe, Owen; Stubb, Laurence; Sharp, John; Newlyn, Henry; Paradise Mead; orchard; Tylehouse Grove; tile; houses; Butt Wood Close; butts; Conduit Wood; spring; Tan House Garden; Tanner's Wood; Sylvester, Thomas; Arnold, Miles; Whaddon Chapel; chapel of ease; Oakhanger; Chapel Farm; Stawell, Lord; de Venur, John; font; pig trough; Oakhanger Stream; Tunbridge; bridges; Ochangre, de Jacobus; pigeon houses; corn mill; mills; water mills; Hook, John -- WHI1AN25.txt
button ant26: Antiquities, Letter 26: Selborne Priory; Selborne Magdalen College; Holy Ghost Chapel; roads; stone; The Grange; King's Field; Kite's Hill; Galley Hill; Gracious Street; fair; Culver Croft; dove houses; warrens; Coney Crofts; Coney Croft Hanger; Temple Manor Farm?; Norton Manor Farm?; Gurdon Manor -- WHI1AN26.txt

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