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Badeslade's Hampshire 1742

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Martin and Jean Norgate: 1998


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No other analysis of Badeslade's maps has been made, as yet.
Thomas Badeslade and William Toms
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These notes are made from a copy of Thomas Badeslade's map of Hampshire from an atlas:-
Chorographia Britanniae or A Set of Maps of all the Counties in England and Wales: to which are prefix'd the following general Maps, vix. I. An Accurate Chart of the Sea Coast, etc. II. A Map of England and Wales, etc. III. A Map of the great Roads, etc. IV. A Map of all the Cross Roads ...
published by William H Toms, Union Court, Holborn, London, 1742. The item used is in the Map Collection of Hampshire CC Museums Service, item HMCMS:FA1998.73.

As well as having the map of the county there are title pages and 4 others sheets from the atlas in the museum service's collections which set the county sheet in its original context.
  • FA1998.10 - title and content pages
  • FA1998.177 - England and Wales, counties and county towns
  • FA1998.178 - Sea Coast of England and Wales
  • FA1998.179 - Great Roads from London
  • FA1998.180 - Cross Roads from one Great Town to another

This study concentrates upon what can be seen from the map; studies of the background of county mapping in England, and map makers have been published elsewhere.

Thomas Badeslade
Thomas Badeslade was an engineer and surveyor, working in the early 18th century, say 1710s-40s. Many of his maps, as are the maps presented here, were engraved by William Toms. He had a particular interest in harbours and river schemes.

William Henry Toms was an engraver at Union Court, Holborn, London, also working in the early 18th century, say 1720s-50s. He was also a print seller. As well as architectural subjects, views and some portraits he engraved maps, the maps presented here among them.

References Hodgkiss, A G: 1981 (4th edn): Discovering Antique maps: Shire Publications (Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire):: ISBN 0 85263 581 8; an inexpensive and approachable introduction to old maps

Penfold, Alastair J: 1994: Introduction to the printed Maps of Hampshire: Hampshire CC Museums Service

Badeslade's Hampshire 1742
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Map HMCMS:FA1998.73
Martin and Jean Norgate: 2003
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