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Bickham's Hampshire 1750

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Martin and Jean Norgate: 1999


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George Bickham

These notes are made from a map of Hampshire by George Bickham, about 1750. The map used is in the Map Collection of Hampshire CC Museums Service, item HMCMS:FA1999.77.1.

The map is:-
A MAP of HAMPSHIRE. west from London.
Humbly inscribed to Lord Limington, Lord Lieut of ye County.

George Bickham
George Bickham senior was born 1684. He was an author and engraver of works on penmanship, flourishing in the period 1702-58. At one time he taught writing and engraving at Brentford End, Middlesex. He lived for much of his life at the Crown, James Street, Bunhill Fields, London, removing a little while before his death to Clerkenwell.

References Bickham, George: 1750: Description of the Several Counties of South Britain: (London)

Lyon, David: 1978: Bird's Eye View of the Bickhams: Map Collector: no.2: pp.30-33

Bickham's Hampshire 1750
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Map HMCMS:FA1999.77.1
Martin and Jean Norgate: 2003
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