Blaeu's Hampshire 1645

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There two quite clear tents drawn on John Blaeu's map, which signify what?
tent (Southampton parish)
tent (Winchester parish)
Some british tribal areas are labelled on the map, ie:-
in the south west of the county (above Southampton), and
in the north (by Silchester).
hillforts Very few hills are named on the map. Danebury and Butser hill are picked out; perhaps because they have hillforts, perhaps just because they are named on a map being copied.
Beacon Hill Camp (Burghclere parish; SU458572)
Butter hill (Eastmeane Hundred) = Butser Hill (Langrish parish; SU7120)
Dunbury hill (Andover Hundred) = Danebury Hill (Nether Wallop parish; SU3236)

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