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Blaeu's Hampshire 1645

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coastal defence John Blaeu's map, 1645, shows many of the coastal defences, though invasion threatened less than disturbance at home.

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'modern' name (parish; ngr) and old name (hundred) if given.
The list includes inland castles as well as the coastal defences.
Calshot Castle (Fawley parish; SU488025) = Calshot Castle (Newforrest Hundred)
Haselworth Castle (Gosport parish; SZ6198?) = Worth cast. (Titchfeild Hundred)
Hurst Castle (Milford-on-Sea parish; SZ3189) = Hurst Castle (Christchurch Hundred)
Malwood Castle (Minstead parish; SU277121) = Malwood Castle (Newforrest Hundred)
Southsea Castle (Portsmouth parish; SZ6498) = South Castle (Portesdowne Hundred)
St Andrew's Castle (Hamble parish; SU4806?) = S. Andrews Castle (Mansbridg Hundred)

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