Blaeu's Hampshire 1645

Ships In the sea are ships:-

These all seem to be the same style of ship. Three masted: fore mast with main and top sails; main mast with main and top sails; mizzen mast with a lateen sail; and a bowsprit which might carry a sprit sail.

A postmill is drawn on the map at Catherington. And by the Bourne Rivulet, above Hurstbourne is a water mill.

The settlement symbol of a dot and circle has a cross added to indicate a religious house at Magdalyne, the Hospital of St Mary Magdalen.

In what is now Dorset, east of Christchurch, Blaeu marks Bascomb Copperashouse ie Boscombe Copperas House?

Mining in the Canford Heath area for ores to make copperas, green vitriol, and potash alum, was an important venture in Elizabethan times.

Notes about copperas

There is a super scene of stag hunting in the New Forest.

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