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Blaeu's Hampshire 1645

Settlements Settlements are positioned on Blaeu's map of Hampshire with a circle, with additional elements for differentiation. There is no table of symbols explaining what each means. We have referred to the grades of settlement as hamlet, village or parish, and town, and city, for sake of having some term when discussing them.
city; circle, group of buildings and towers within town walls; labelled in upright block caps, eg:-

town; circle, buildings and towers; labelled in upright lowercase text, eg:-

village or parish; circle and tower; labelled in italic lowercase text, eg:-

hamlet or other small place; circle; labelled in italic lowercase text, eg:-
Do notice the place name, with a settlement symbol for a village:-
On a forerunner map by John Speed the name of Andover Without Hundred is engraved with the 'without' in smaller text, separated, and near the village symbol of another place. Blaeu has been fooled by this and given the 'without' its own village symbol.

Notes about symbols.

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