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Bowen's Hampshire 1720

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title cartouche: There is a header to each route
text & coat of arms: The map sheets have descriptive text giving information about towns; this is not always on the relevant sheet. The text tells of the foundation, state, parliamentary represenation, market days, etc and may be accompanied by a coat of arms.
Various other features might be described for the interest of the traveller.
compass rose: A fleur de lys marks north. Roads are drawn 'up is out from London'.
scale line: None; roads are marked at 1 mile intervals - the only indicator of scale.
coast shading: Sea coast is shaded, eg at Southampton pl.130
hill: Hillocks are drawn to indicate ups and downs in the route.
river: Wiggly shaded lines show rivers.
bridge: Bridges are implied where roads cross rivers.
wood & forest: Drawings of trees indicate woodland.
park: Parks are noted by a paling fence. For example pl.61 mile 60-61 Park running alongside the road and off to the side.
road: Roads are the main element of these maps. The road distance from London is given each mile.
county: Counties are named along the edge of each scroll. The boundary is shown by a dotted line, and usually a comment, eg enter Hamp Sh. The comment might be very precise, eg pl.216 mile 30 on ye middle of ye Bridge enter Hamp Shire.
settlement: Settlements are marked in a variety of ways, and are usually named.
market towns: and other towns.
miscellany: fortifications, mills, schools, crosses, posts, graves, antiquities, beacons, etc etc.

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