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Cary's New Itinerary, Hampshire 1815

Notes by
Martin and Jean Norgate: 1999


Transcriptions; Hampshire parts of Cary's Itinerary, and general sections.
General map of England and Wales.
Gazetteer, place names.
Road diagram derived from the itineraries.
Ogilby's influence on Cary's roads.
Index to market towns, etc.
John Cary.
Other maps.

These notes and transcriptions are made from:-
Cary, John: 1815 (6th edn): Cary's New Itinerary: (London)
The copy of the itinerary used in this study is in the Map Collection of Hampshire CC Museums Service, item:-
The copy has been cheaply rebound at some time in its life; and this is falling to pieces. The page size is about 12x19cm.

REMEMBER: Except in the introductory pages, only material relevant to Hampshire has been transcribed, including a few places round the edge of the county which are included as they are useful points on routes; data ignored is NOT indicated by ellipsis.

Marginal notations against each section have been added by us, they are not in the roiginal.

Sections are presented in the order they appear in Cary's book, except where noted.

John Cary
John Cary was born about 1754, wa an engraver and publisher, and died 1835. He set up in business as engraver, map and print seller, corner of Arundel Street, 188 Strand, London, about 1783. In 1791 he moved to 181 Strand, wher he remained until his premises were destroyed by fire, 17 January 1820. He then moved to 86 St James's Street where he was joined by George Cary soon after this date.

References Box, E G: 1932=1935: Hampshire in Early Maps and early Roadbooks: Hampshire Field Club: XII: pp221-235

Cary, John: 1815 (6th edn): Cary's New Itinerary: (London)

Fordham, H G, Sir: 1925: John Cary, Engraver, Map, Chart and Printseller and Globe Maker: (Cambridge)

Cary's New Itinerary, Hampshire 1815, contents
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