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Bridges, George Rodney
Pawlet, William, Lord
Winchester, Earl of
de Quincy, Saer
coat of arms
de Quincy, Roger
de Despencer, Hugh
de Bruges, Lewis
Pawlet, William, Sir
Winchester, Marquess of
St John, Lord
Bolton, Duke of

This City is governed by a Mayor, Aldermen, Burgesses, Recorder, and Common-Council. The Citizens had formerly the Privilege of overseeing the King or Queen's Kitchin and Laundry at the Coronation, as the Citizens of London had the Care of the Wine-Cellar, as Holinshed, and other Chronicles tell us. Here are weekly two plentiful Markets on Wednesday and Saturday, and a Fair on the first Monday in Lent. It sends two Citizens to Parliament, who are in this Session, George Rodney Bridges Esq; and Lord William Pawlet. This City has given a Title to many ancient and Noble families, of which our Histories give this Account, viz.

Clito, a noble Saxon, at the Time of the Conquest, was Earl of Winchester, but at the coming of the Normans he was deprived of his Estate and Honour. After him we find none bearing that Title, till K. John made

Saer de Quincy, Earl of Winchester, whose Arms were a Fesse with a Label of Seven, as appears from his Seal. He married Margaret, the youngest Sister and Coheir of Robert, Earl of Leicester, and by her had one Son and Heir.

Roger de Quincy, who bore for his Arms, in a Field Gules, seven Mascles voided, Or: He married the eldest Daughter and Coheir of Alan, Lord Galloway, in Scotland, but by her had three Daughters only, of whom the eldest was married to William de Ferrariis, Earl of Derby, the second to Alan de Zouche, and the youngest to Comino, Earl of Buchan, in Scotland, whereupon the Honour was extinct, and so continued for a considerable Time, till

Hugh de Despencer, was honoured with this Title during Life, by King Edward II. whose Favourite he was; but it proved fatal both to him and his Son, for they were both put to Death by popular Fury; and the Honour lay dormant again, till K. Edward IV. revived it, and created

Lewis de Bruges, a Fleming, Lord of Gruthuse, and Prince of Steinhuse (who had entertained him in Flanders, when he fled thither for Refuge) Earl of Winchester, giving him a Coat of Arms, not much differing from those of Roger de Quincy; but this Lord surrendered up his Title soon after King Edward's Death, to King Henry VII. in whose Reign this Title lay vacant, but his Son King Henry VIII. having raised

William Pawlet Knight, to be Controller of Houshold, and afterwards Treasurer of the same, created him, at the Birth of Edward, Prince of Wales, Baron of St. John, and afterwards being made Master of the Wards, Knight of the Garter, one of his Executors, and of the Council to the Prince, by the same King he was preferred to be Chancellor, created Earl of Wiltshire, and last of all Marquess of Winchester, in his Son, King Edward VI.'s Reign. He married Elizabeth, Daughter of Sir William Capel Knt. by whom he had four Sons, of whom his Eldest,

John, commonly called Lord St. John, succeeded him. He was summoned to Parliament 15 Eliz. the Year after his Father's Death, and was one of the Peers at the Duke of Norfolk's Trial. He married one of the Daughters and Coheirs of Robert Willoughby, Lord Brooke, by whom he had also Issue four Sons, and was succeeded by

William, the Eldest. He was summoned to Parliament in his Father's Life-time, by the Name and Title of Lord St. John of Basing. He married Anne, the Daughter of William Lord Howard of Effingham, and by her had Issue one Son, named

William, who succeeded his Father in his Honour and Estate, and marrying Lucy, Daughter of Thomas, Earl of Exeter, had by her six Sons, of which the two eldest, Thomas and William, died in their Father's Life-time, and the third Son

John was his next Heir, and succeeded him in his Title; he married Jane, Daughter of Thomas Viscount Savage of Rock-Savage in Cheshire, and by her had

Charles his Heir and Successor, called in his Father's Life-time, Lord St. John of Basing. He had for his second Wife, Mary, Daughter of Emanuel, Earl of Sunderland, and by her had two Sons, Charles and William. He was made Duke of Bolton in the first Year of the Reign of King William III, and Queen Mary II. 1689. His Son

Charles is the present Duke of Bolton, and hath issue by Frances, the Daughter of William Ramsden of Byron in Yorkshire Esq; two Sons, Charles Marquess of Winchester, and the Lord Henry Pawlet; and by the Lady Henrietta Crofts, Daughter of James, Duke of Monmouth, the Lord Nassau Pawlet. Two Miles below this City the Itching glides by


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