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Harrison's Hampshire 1788

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title cartouche, map maker
compass rose
scale line
latitude and longitude scales; and grid
coast form lines; plain sea.
rivers; wiggly lines narrowing upstream, a few rivers are labelled.
relief; groups of small hillocks.
beacons; tower with smoke or flames on a hill.
Selbone and Lomer are the only beacons plotted (they are shown on the hills map).
woods, forest; groups of small symbolic trees, a circle on a trunk.
parks; ring of fence palings, usually with trees; the is not just a conventional oval but attempts to show the shape of the park.
hundred boundaries; dotted line; hundreds are keyed to a table by number, parts are labelled.
county boundary; dashed line.
settlements; hamlets, villages, towns, etc
towns; market days, etc

roads; principal and other roads, parallel lines, graded into two sizes.
coastal defence, castles; two towers.
and fortifications; polygonal wall.

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