Old Hampshire Mapped

Set up Hints

Screen The pages of this project were designed using screens of 800x600 pixels and of higher resolution, with full colour; it also works on a screen 640x480 with 256 colours.
Options If you are using an low resolution screen, you can maximise the screen area by changing the browser 'options', for example:-
  • hide the 'location bar'
  • have the toolbar in text only, no icons
  • hide the footer bar
  • set font to Times New Roman 12pt proportional spacing
  • set 'text size' smaller
Frames This project makes use of FRAMESETS and FRAMES in HTML. If your browser does not support these features you will have to get an uptodate browser.
File sizes
and RAM
A number of the files in this project are large, about 1.5 to 2.5MB compressed, in use they can be very much bigger, perhaps 80MB; these will take time to load, and when decompressed may be too much for your computer! The more RAM you have the better. If you have trouble you might try running the screen at 256 colours which forces uncompressed files to a smaller size.

The website was designed with a slow internet connection in mind, but was not constrained by this. In particular, we believe that the single sheet maps provided should be legible and, where possible, in their entirety, not just in small pieces. You are warned when you are offered large files, and you can run the project and enjoy a lot of it without them. If working from a CD, you can speed up operations by copying the entire contents of the project-MAPS.htm + MAPS directory onto your hard drive, to run it from there; it needs about 150MB of hard drive space.

Navigation Our navigation is designed to be obvious
we know,
it never is!

There is a particular link that might confuse. In many pages the upper left button goes 'logically back' ie back up the hypertext's logical structure, not back to where you came from. If you are looking at the grid square of a map, this button goes back to the index sheet for the map's grid squares, however you might have come from some other page - the gazetteer perhaps. If you want to return to where you came from, either use the 'back' button provided on the page, or in more recent browsers the back button displayed on the toolbar.

Old Hampshire Mapped

Martin and Jean Norgate: 2006
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