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Jansson's Hampshire 1646

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title cartouche ; scroll cartouche 'HANTONIAE COMITATUS Cum BERCHERIA'
coat of arms ; coats of arms of earls of Winchester and Southampton.
orientation ; the map has both compass rose and labelled borders, and rhumb lines.
scale line ; scroll cartouche with two scale lines, 'Milliari Anglica' and 'Milliari Germanica'.
coast shaded ; into a plain sea, a few sandbanks are shown.
rivers ; wiggly lines narrowing upstream.
bridges ; some bridges are clearly marked.
relief ; groups of hillocks shaded to the right.
beacons ; a post or posts on a hillock.
woods, forests ; groups of small tree symbols.
parks ; a ring of fence palings, shaded to the right, perhaps with trees etc.
county boundary ; dashed lines; the two counties are labelled.
hundred boundaries ; dotted lines, the areas labelled.
settlements ; hamlets, villages, towns, cities, etc.
market towns ; and other towns
coastal defence, castles ; circle, buildings, towers with flags.
miscellany ; windmills, water mills, copperas works.

Jansson's Hampshire 1646, contents
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Old Hampshire Mapped

Map HMCMS:ACM1934.14
Martin and Jean Norgate: 2003
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