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Rivers River estuaries on Jansson's map of Hampshire and Berkshire, 1646, are shaded, as the coast line. Rivers are continued inland by a tapering wiggly line. Larger streams have a double line first, with a suggestion of form lines where broad enough. Some rivers are labelled. Most of the main streams, and tributaries seem to be shown. A pond or lake is drawn at Highclere Park on the tributary to the Enborne, Fleet Pond is drawn, etc.

The style of drawing of rivers is schematic. The width of the engraved lines decreases as you go up, but not to match the rivers true size [as judged today], and although braiding might be indicated it is not an exact match to the rivers [today's] courses. The rivers that are shown can mostly be indentified, but with a degree of guesswork.

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'modern' name (parish; ngr) and old name (hundred) if given
Anton, River (Wherwell parish; SU3839)
Avon Water (Milford-on-Sea parish; SZ3091)
Avon, River (Christchurch parish; SZ1692) =Avon flu(Rinwood Hundred)
Avon, River (Christchurch parish; SZ1692)
Bagwell Stream? (Hook parish; SU740543?)
Bartley Water (Totton and Eling parish; SU3612)
Beaulieu River (Beaulieu parish; SZ4297)
Black Brook? (Fareham parish; SU579058)
Blackwater River (Bramshill parish; SU7463)
Blackwater, River (Totton and Eling parish; SU3615)
Bourne Rivulet (Hurstbourne Priors parish; SU4445)
Bourne, River (Shipton Bellinger parish; SU2343)
Bow Brook(Bramley parish; SU6758)
Candover Stream (Itchen Stoke and Ovington parish; SU5631)
Christchurch Harbour (Christchurch parish; SZ1791)
Clere Water? (Ashford Hill with Headley parish; SU5363)
Cove Brook(Hawley parish; SU861589)
Criddell Stream (Petersfield parish; SU7723)
Danes Stream (Milford-on-Sea parish; SZ2991)
Dever, River (Barton Stacey parish; SU4041)
Dibden Stream? (Hythe and Dibden parish; SU431074)
Duns Mere (Highclere parish; SU454602)
Ems, River(Havant parish; SU7505)
Enborne, River (Ashford Hill with Headley parish; SU5563)
Hamble Haven (Hamble parish) =Hamble haven(Mansbridg Hundred)
Hamble, River (Hamble parish; SU4804)
Hart, River (Bramshill parish; SU7460)
Hermitage Stream (Havant parish; SU7005)
Holybourne Stream (Alton parish; SU7340)
Itchen, River (Southampton parish; SU4209)
Kingsclere Stream? (Ashford Hill with Headley parish; SU5363)
Langstone Harbour (Havant parish; SU6802)
Lin Brook (Ringwood parish; SU147058)
Linford Brook (Ellingham, Harbridge and Ibsley parish; SU19260821)
Loddon, River (Stratfield Saye parish; SU7063)
Lyde River (Sherfield on Loddon parish; SU6956)
Lymington River (Lymington and Pennington parish; SZ3493)
Meon, River (Fareham parish; SU5302)
Moors River(Hurn parish; SZ1395)
Oakhanger Stream (Selborne parish; SU7836)
Ober Water (Brockenhurst parish; SU2904)
Pillhill Brook (Upper Clatford parish; SU3544)
Ports Creek
Portsmouth Harbour (Portsmouth parish)
Rother, River (Steep parish; SU7723)
Rother, River (Steep parish; SU7723)
Ryebridge Stream (Froyle parish; SU7642)
Slea, River (Headley parish; SU819387)
Solent, The
Somborne Stream? (Kings Somborne parish; SU3430)
Southampton Water
Stour, River (Christchurch parish; SZ1692)
Test, River (Southampton parish; SU4209)
Titchfield Haven (Fareham parish; SU5303) =Titchfeild bay(Titchfeild Hundred)
Turmer Brook (Ellingham, Harbridge and Ibsley parish; SU139087)
Wallington River (Fareham parish; SU6003)
Wallop Brook (Houghton parish; SU338307)
Wey Brook (Sherborne St John parish; SU642584)
Wey, River (Binsted parish; SU8144)
Whitewater, River (Bramshill parish; SU7463)

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