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Jansson's Hampshire 1646

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Martin and Jean Norgate: 2005


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These notes are made from a map of the County of Hampshire with Berkshire, in Atlas Novus vol.4, by Johannes Jansson, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1646. The item used is in the Map Collection of Hampshire CC Museums Service, item HMCMS:ACM1934.14. This copy of the map is tinted.

This study concentrates upon what can be seen from the map, but note that Berkshire is ignored; studies of the background of county mapping in England, and map makers have been published elsewhere.

Note firstly that the map is sideways to our condition eyes, it is presented with West at the top of the sheet. Rembering that comparison to other maps is intended we have present some images with North at the top, the labels sideways.

Johannes Jansson
Johannes or John Jansson was born at Arnheim about 1596. He was admitted to the Printers Guild, 1618. Jansson worked with Henry Hondius on the Mercator-Hondius atlas in which many maps bear his name. Having married Henry's sister he inherited the business, originally founded by Gerhardt Mercator, when Henry died about 1657. He died in Amsterdam, 1664.

Volume 4 of the Hondius-Mercator atlas was issued by Johannes Jansson in 1646. This volume has a description of England, in Latin, from Camden's Britannia, and maps of the counties of England and Wales.

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Old Hampshire Mapped

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Martin and Jean Norgate: 2003
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