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Martin and Jean Norgate: 1999


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Peter Keer

These notes are made from a map of Hampshire by Peter Keer, about 1605. The map used is in the collection of Hampshire County Council Museums Service, item HMCMS:KD1996.3.

The map is titled:-
The map was originally one of a collection of about 33 maps of the counties of England and Wales, with 6 maps of Scotland, and maps of the four Provinces of Ireland which was probably assembled as an atlas at or before 1610.

It was published in:-
England Wales Scotland and Ireland Described and Abridged with ye Historic Relation of things Worthy memory from a farr larger Voulume Done by John Speed. Anno Cum privilegio 1620. And are to bee sould by Georg Humble at ye Whit horse in popeshead Alley.
in 1620. The 1620 atlas has an illustrated title page, and text including a catalogue of shires, cities, etc etc. The 1620 map title is translated from the Latin of the 1605 map, which is otherwise unchanged, the scale line is still headed in Latin; on the back of the 1620 map is text describing the county, abridged from Speed's atlas of 1611; there is additional text at the back of the atlas. There are editions and reprints of the atlas in 1627, 1630, 1646.

This copy of the map studied has the text for Surrey on the reverse and has its title in English, not Latin.

Peter Keer
Pieter van den Keere was born about 1571, perhaps the son of Henri van den Keere, Ghent, Netherlands. He was an artist, engraver and bookseller; worked for some time in London, probably with Jodocus Hondius who married his sister; later returned to Amsterdam; died about 1646. His name is often anglicised to Peter Keer; and sometimes latinised to Petrus Kaerius.

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