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Keer's Hampshire 1605

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title cartouche; strapwork cartouche.
orientation; labelled borders.
scale line; chequered scale line with the title cartouche; about 16.5 miles to 1 inch.
coast shaded; moire effect sea; and the coast shaded with horizontal lines extended into harbours and river mouths.
rivers; wiggly lines tapering in from the river mouth, the lines stay quite wide and bold. Most rivers are not named, but see:- Test flu.
bridges; some bridges are indicated, at Romsey, Stockbridge, and out of the county.
relief; no relief is indicated on the map; except Old Winchester Hill? near Catherington.
woods, forests; forests are clearly shown by groups of trees.
county; dotted line
swash lettering; swag lettering is used to fill space, labelling the adjoining counties and the sea area south of Chichester.
settlements; dot and circle, and building; labelled
castle; dot and circle, and tower, like a village; the sea defences, Hurst, Calshot, Netley and St Andrew's castles are labelled.

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