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Kitchin's Hampshire 1751

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title cartouche: monumental stone, with map maker's name.

compass rose: minimalist design.

scale line: 'British Statute Miles'.

latitude and longitude scales: chequered side and bottom borders.

coat of arms: for Southampton.

coast: the sea coast is emphasised by form lines which continue up estauries and into harbours, and into the lower part of rivers.

rivers: major rivers are shewn, tapering upstream. Some are named, eg:-
Tees R.
For the River Test.

Bridges are implied by road crossings, ie not for sure.
A few lakes are shown, eg on a stream north of Alresford.

None of the Hampshire harbours happens to be labelled.

Spit Head is labelled.
relief: shown by small shaded hillocks, these seem just to be filling space decoratively. They are scattered about liberally.

woods, forests: shown by little trees, drawn with a shadow, these seem just to be filling space decoratively.
New Forrest is labelled as an area rather than as a forest.

parks: very few parks are shown on this map, a vague circle of fence palings indicates a park at Dogmersfield and at Farnborough, the name N Park labels a ?settlement near Beaulieu.

county: the county boundary is a dashed line.
hundreds are not shown.

settlements: symbols for houses, hamlets, villages, cities, etc.

roads: at least three grades of road are shown.

antiquities: there is no special symbol for antiquities, but a few roman place names are given.
castle: generally there is no special symbol for castles, though there might be a flag.

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