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Kitchin's Hampshire 1751

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title cartouche; monumental block of stone, scenery and figures, 'A NEW Improved MAP of HAMPSHIRE'
dedication and coat of arms; to the Duke of Bolton, Charles Pawlet.
orientation; compass rose, circle and cardinal points.
lat and long scales; printed obliquely in the borders.
scale line; 'British Statute Miles'.
coast form lines; sea plain, coast drawn with form lines.
coastal defence; castles and fortifications.
rivers; wiggly lines narrowing upstream; some rivers are labelled.
bridges; some bridges are clearly marked.
relief; groups of hillocks shaded on the east side.
beacons; post with cresset on a bracket?
woods, forests; a litter of tree symbols.
parks; ring of fence palings, perhaps with trees and a house.
county boundary; bold dashed line, tinted along with the hundred boundaries. Adjacent counties are labelled, eg:-
Some places outside the county are drawn for the sake of continuity, Farnham for instance, on one of the main roads.
hundred boundaries; dotted lines, tinted; areas labelled.
settlements; houses, hamlets, villages, towns, cities, with Market Days, etc; and a table of symbols.
market towns; and other towns
roads; double continuous line; road distances from town to town.
miscellaneous; brickworks, school.

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