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Morden's Hampshire 1695

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title cartouche; decorated, with map maker's name
scale line; two different 'Scales of Miles'.
latitude and longitude scales; chequered side and bottom borders, and time difference from Greenwich at the top.
coast shaded; into a plain sea, sandbanks or mudflats shown by dotted areas.
rivers; wiggly lines narrowing upstream; few rivers are labelled.
bridges; some bridges are shown by a double line or a gap in a river.
relief; groups of hillocks shaded on the east side.
beacons; a post with a fire basket on top and a ladder up the side - otherwise just a label on the map.
woods, forests; groups of small trees.
parks; ring of fence palings, not particularly clear drawing or engraving.
hundred boundaries; dotted line, hundreds are named in upright block caps.
settlements; houses, hamlets, villages, cities, etc
market towns; and other towns
roads; parallel lines,
this map is one of the early useful road maps of the county.
coastal defence, castles; circle with tower each side.
antiquities; there is no special symbol, but a few roman place names are given.
saltworks; a cluster of salt pans by the coast - just the one example near Lymington.
map colouring.
The map has no compass rose. North is clearly indicated by the longitude scale at the bottom taken with the time from Greenwich at the top..

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