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Hamp Shire

Map, hand coloured engraving, Hamp Shire, ie Hampshire, scale about 5 miles to 1 inch, by Robert Morden, published in an edition of Britannia by William Camden, 1695.
This is the second Hampshire county map with roads indicated practically; the few routes are a selection of those published by John Ogilby, 1675.
inscription:-    printed -- map
HAMP / SHIRE / by Robt Morden.
wxh, sheet:-    45x39cm
wxh, plate:-    424x367mm
wxh, map:-    419x364mm
scale:-    1 to 200000 ? (1 to 216601, or 1 to 197708, from scale lines wrongly assuming statute mile)
scale:-    1 to 300000 ? (from town positions using DISTAB.exe)
longitude, Winchester:-    1 17.5 W (very rough)

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