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Norden's Hampshire 1607

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Earthworks On Norden's map old trenches and forts, ie earthworks are shown by a modern style tumulus symbol, a hatched circle, with a flag.
The sites noticed are listed below:-

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'modern' name (parish; ngr) = old name (hundred) if given

Balksbury (Andover parish; SU351446)
Beacon Hill Camp (Burghclere parish; SU458572)
Note in Camden's Britannia
Bury Hill hillfort (Upper Clatford parish; SU346435)
Butser Hill hillfort (Langrish parish; SU712203) = Butserhill (East Meane Hundred)
Danebury Ring (Nether Wallop parish; SU324377) = Dunbury hill (Andover extra Hundred)
also marked as a deserted place
Hengistbury Head hillfort (Bournemouth parish; SZ170908)
Malwood Castle (Minstead parish; SU277121)
Merdon Castle (Hursley parish; SU421265)
St Catherine's Hill hillfort (Winchester parish; SU484276)
Woolbury Ring (Little Somborne parish; SU381353)

place names
Several roman place names are given on Norden' map, with no special symbol. They are generally attached to modern places.
Avon mouth (Christchurch parish) = Alauni Fl: Ostium
Note in Camden's Britannia
Bitterne (Southampton parish) = Clausentum (Waltham Hundred)
Note in Camden's Britannia
Brige = Brage (Thornegate Hundred)
Portsmouth Harbour (Portsmouth parish; SZ69) = Portus Magnus (Portesdowne Hundred)
Note in Camden's Britannia
Ringwood (Ringwood parish; SU149054) = Regnum
Note in Camden's Britannia
Silchester (Silchester parish; SU6261) = Silchester, Vindonum (Holdshott Hundred)
This is mistaken labelling; Vindonis is more likely Neatham, Alton; the error is copied from map to map at this period. Silchester is Calleva.
Notes in Camden's Britannia:-
Silchester / Vindonum / crop marks / Onions pennies
Winchester (Winchester parish; SU478293) = Venta
Roman cantonal capital, earlier a belgic town - Venta Belgarum
Note in Camden's Britannia
Norden's map of Hampshire was published in Camden's 'Britannia' along with a description of the county which includes a nice observation about crop marks at Silchester, this in 1607:-

... This is found by continuall observation (as I have learned of the inhabitants of this place) that although the ground bee fertile and fruitfull inough, yet in certaine places crossing one another, the corne doth not thrive so well, but commeth up much thinner then else where, by which they suppose the streets of the citie went in old time. There are heere daily digged up, bricks such as we call Britaine-bricks, and great store of Romane coine which they terme Onions pennies. For, they dreame that this Onion was a Giant, and dwelt in this citie. There are digged up also many times inscriptions ...

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Forde-Johnston, J: 1976: Hillforts of the Iron Age in England and Wales: Liverpool University Press

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