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Norden's Hampshire 1607

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title cartouche, map maker
compass rose, scale line
sea monsters, galleons, swash lettering
coast shaded; into a pecked sea.
rivers; wiggly lines narrowing upstream. Rivers are not named, though some river mouths are named as havens.
bridges; marked by a double line over a river. Not named.
relief; is suggested by little lumpy hillocks.
beacons; a hill with beacon posts on top. Some are named.
woods, forests; out of scale trees, sometimes grouped into woods or forests.
parks; a ring of fence palings. Some are named.
hundred boundary; a number keying the area to a table of hundreds.
settlements; table of symbols, houses, hamlets, villages, cities, etc
market towns, and other towns
coastal defence, castles; two towers with a flag, no dot and circle.
hillforts by a hatched circle like a modern tumulus symbol, with a flag,
and roman place names.
windmill, near Clanfield; copperas and alum, near Canford.

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Map HMCMS:FA1996.22
 ©  Martin and Jean Norgate: 2005
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