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These notes present the map of Hamshire ie Hampshire, drawn by John Norden 1595, in its form published by Henry Overton 1670 (known as state III).

The map was drawn for:-
Speculum Britanniae
a Mirror of Britain, which was to be a series of pocket guide books to the counties of Britain which failed in its patronage, and thus failed entirely.

The original drawing is included in the manuscript:-
A Chorographical Description of the severall Shires and Islands of Middlesex, Essex, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Weighte, Guernsey and Jersey, performed by the traveyle and view of John Norden, 1595.
In the collections of the British Library, call number Add MSS 31.853 ff.23v-24, which has only the maps and descriptions for Essex and Hampshire, the latter has the islands as well, other material is lost.

The map has a title cartouche upper left:-
and the printed map has, lower right:-
Johes Norden descripsit
Printed and sold by Iohn Overton at ye white horse without Newgate
The second part in a different 'hand'.

It was engraved by engraved by Christopher Schwytzer and possibly published around 1600, but no copy survives? The plates survived and Hamshire was published by Peter Stent, at The White Horse, Guiltspur Street, London, about 1650s-60s. It is probably listed in a broadside 'A Catalogue of Plates and Pictures that are printed and sould by Peter Stent ...' about 1655; this printing is known as state II, and has Stent's imprint; later editions are published in atlases.

It was published again by John Overton, London, about 1670, 1675, 1690, and 1700. The 1670 map, presented here, is known as state III, and has Overton's imprint; it has other alterations to whatever was its earlier state, the table of symbols is altered, a galleon is erased from the sea, etc.

The 1595 drawing was engraved again about 1607, either from the ms or from a surviving copy of a printed map, and published with an edition of Camden's Britannia, 1607; see Norden 1607.

This study concentrates upon what can be seen from the map; studies of the background of county mapping in England, and map makers have been published elsewhere.

John Norden
John Norden was born about 1540s, graduated from Hart Hall, Oxford and began a career as a lawyer which involved him in land tenure and surveying.

Notice two important innovations on his map; the provision of an index grid, and the declaration of his conventional signs in a table of symbols (which had been used earlier in Europe).

John Evelyn reports a remark by Captain Greenville Collins, hydrographer:-
He [Collins] affirmed, that of all the Mapps put out since, there are none extant so true as those of Jo: Norden who gave us the first in Q: Eliz: time ...
John Norden wrote an introductory statement to his Speculum Britanniae for which this map was drawn:-
Because evrye publique worke, is alwaies publiquely considered, and it is lawfull (I confesse) for alle men, to utter their opinions thererof freely as they finde it, and to call a fault a faulte. And because I cannot justifie all the Liniaments of so rude a body, I will saye with him that findes the fault (though in Art he cannot mend the same) Sir it is a fault and I will mend it if I can: But I have not yet seene the worke of the most absolute artist so perfect.

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