Norden's Hampshire 1595

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'old trenches and fortes' are marked on the map. For example the hillforts at Burghclere, by the beacon, and at Butser. Silchester and Danebury have the symbols for 'places ruinate and decaid'.

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'modern' name (parish; ngr) and old name (hundred) if given.
The list includes inland castles as well as the coastal defences.
Balksbury (Andover parish; SU351446)
Beacon Hill Camp (Burghclere parish; SU458572)
Bury Hill hillfort (Upper Clatford parish; SU346435)
butser hill (East meane Hundred) = Butser Hill hillfort (Langrish parish; SU712203)
Butser Hill hillfort (Langrish parish; SU712203) = butser hill (East meane Hundred)
castle of malwood (Newforest Hundred) = Malwood Castle (Minstead parish; SU277121)
Danebury Ring (Nether Wallop parish; SU324377)
Hengistbury Head hillfort (Bournemouth parish; SZ170908)
Malwood Castle (Minstead parish; SU277121) = castle of malwood (Newforest Hundred)
Merdon Castle (Hursley parish; SU421265)
St Catherine's Hill hillfort (Winchester parish; SU484276)
Woolbury Ring (Little Somborne parish; SU381353)

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