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Norden's Hampshire 1595

Coats of arms There are four coats of arms printed in spare spaces on the map sheet, around the county:-

Upper left is the royal coat of arms of Elizabeth I - quarterly, 1 and 4 having the fleur de lys of France, 2 and 3 having the lions of England, with supporters of a lion and dragon, and mottoes:-

Middle left is a personal coat of arms in a strapwork cartouche crest a helm surmounted by a globe, motto:-
These are the arms of William Sanderson, a friend of Norden, and a wealthy merchant and well-known patron of geographical undertakings.

On the right above centre is the arms of:-
John Pawlet Marquis of Winchester Ano~. 1551. by K: Edward
In the engraving of these arms there are colour letters s - sable for the ground, and a - argent for the swords. The arms has a tiny crescent, a mark of cadency for a second son?

On the right below centre is the arms of:-
Thomas Wriotheosley created Earle of Southampton An~o. 1551 by K: Ed: 6t.
which also has colour letters to guide a map colourist.

Notes about coats of arms.

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