Norden's Hampshire 1595

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Beacon hills John Norden's map of Hampshire 1595 shows most of the warning beacons that were an important element in the defence of the country. It was only seven years since they were lit for a real threat of invasion in 1588.

Beacons are drawn by posts, generally three - small large small, on a hillock. The arrangement, indicating three beacons, is significant. A few are labelled; all can be recognised.

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'modern' name (parish; ngr) and old name (hundred) if given
3 barow beacons (Micheldevor Hundred) = Popham Beacons (Steventon parish; SU529440)
Bitterne Beacon? (West End parish; SU469139)
Burghclere Beacon? (Burghclere parish; SU454572)
Bushy Beacon (Fareham parish; SU513085)
Crondall Beacons? (Crondall parish; SU824504)
Farleigh Wallop Beacon? (Farleigh Wallop parish; SU616473?)
Farley Mount Beacon? (Ashley parish; SU403290)
Hythe Beacon? (Marchwood parish; SU382093)
Lomer Beacon? (Exton parish; SU603225)
Malwood Beacon? (Minstead parish; SU272119)
Popham Beacons (Steventon parish; SU529440) = 3 barow beacons (Micheldevor Hundred)
Portsdown Beacons? (Portsmouth parish; SU6_0_)
Selthorn beat (Newforest Hundred) = Selthorne Beacon? (Brockenhurst parish; SZ273999)
Selthorne Beacon? (Brockenhurst parish; SZ273999) = Selthorn beat (Newforest Hundred)
Toothill Beacon? (Nursling and Rownhams parish; SU382187) = toothill beacon (Fawley Hundred)
toothill beacon (Fawley Hundred) = Toothill Beacon? (Nursling and Rownhams parish; SU382187)
White, H T: 1931: Beacon System in Hampshire, The: ProcHFC: 10: pp252-278

White, H T: 1947: Beacon System in Hampshire, The: ProcHFC: 16: pp19-22

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