Norden's Hampshire 1595

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Bridges John Norden's map of Hampshire shows a number of bridges, drawn by a double line arched over the stream.

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'modern' name (parish; ngr) and old name (hundred) if given
bridge (Beaulieu parish; SU3802)
bridge (Stockbridge parish; SU3535)
bridge (Fareham parish; SU569062)
bridge (Fareham parish; SU587062)
Ambersham Bridge (Graffham parish; SU916212)
Blackwater Bridge (Hawley parish; SU85425989)
Brockenhurst Bridge (Brockenhurst parish; SU302031)
Great Bridge (Fordingbridge parish; SU150145)
Hartford Bridge (Hartley Wintney parish; SU774578) = hertford bridge (Odiam Hundred)
hertford bridge (Odiam Hundred) = Hartford Bridge (Hartley Wintney parish; SU774578)
Hurst Bridge (Ringwood parish; SU149062)
Iford Bridge (Bournemouth parish; SZ1393)
Newtown Bridge (Newtown parish; SU477640)
Ports Bridge (Portsmouth parish; SU654045)
Rum Bridge (Totton and Eling parish; SU3512)
Stoning Bridge (Ringwood parish; SU143052)
Stony Bridge (Fareham parish; SU543066)
Wallington Bridge (Fareham parish; SU583067)
Warebridge (Fareham parish; SU542055) = warmansbridge (Titchefeild Hundred)
warmansbridge (Titchefeild Hundred) = Warebridge (Fareham parish; SU542055)

: 2000: Bridges in Hampshire of Historic Interest: Hampshire CC:: ISBN 0 85975 346 9

Jervoise, E: 1930: Ancient Bridges of the South of England: Architectural Press (London)

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