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Norden's Hampshire 1595

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title cartouche; strapwork cartouche 'HAMSHIRE', a separate cartouche has 'Johes Norden descripsit - Printed and sold by John Overton at ye white horse without Newgate'
coat of arms; Elizabeth I with lion and dragon supporters; William Sanderson friend and ?patron; John Pawlett Marquis of Winchester; and Thomas Wriotheosley Earle of Southampton.
orientation; compass rose with cardinal, half cardinal, false and by points. The cardinal directions are labelled 'Septen / or / merid / oc'.
scale line; 'The scale of miles goeth rounde about the Mapp'; besides giving the scale, the scales and the grid printed across the map in fine lines make an index grid, an innovation of John Norden's.
sea; moire effect pattern. The Solent is labelled 'PARTE OF YE BRITISH SEA'. Off Hurst there is a large fishes's head and about Spithead can be seen the ghostly remains of an erased engraving of a galleon, perhaps making space for the sea area label.
coast shaded; and foreshore areas of mudflats or shingle shown pecked.
rivers; broad wiggly lines tapering inland, not named.
bridges; some drawn, by a double line arched over the stream.
relief; hillocks shaded to the east, few labelled.
beacons; drawn by posts, usually 3, small large small, on a hillock.
woods, forests; wooded areas shown by tree symbols; some old forests are labelled.
parks; ring of fence palings shaded to the east, perhaps a house symbol inside and a tree or more.
county boundary; a dotted line. Adjoining counties are labelled, eg: 'parte of Wiltshire' with a mixture of swash and plainer mixed case lettering. The detached 'part of hamshire' from Ambersham to Fernden, is drawn and labelled.
hundred boundaries; dotted lines; areas numbered, referring to a table of hundreds.
symbols; settlements; positioned by a dot and circle, differentiated by symbols explained in a table of symbols, but not by the style of lettering.
market towns; buildings and towers, and a ?weathercock on the tower.
coastal defence, castles, fortifications; castles drawn and labelled; artillery style fortifications at Portsmouth.
antiquities; old trenches and forts.
miscellany; mills, water mills and windmills, copperas works; ruins.

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