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Hundreds Hundred boundaries are shown by dotted lines. The hundred areas are labelled with numbers keying to a table of hundreds:-
1 Crundall hundred
2 Odiam
3 Alton
The relationship between modern and old hundreds is very inexact; modern hundreds have little use today.

Hundreds old name

Alresford New Liberty
Alton Hundred
Andover extra Hundred
Andover infra Hundred
Barmaspitt Hundred
Barton stacie Hundred
Basingstoke extra Hundred
Budlesgate Hundred
Buntisboro Hundred
Christchurche Hundred
Chuteley Hundred
Crundall Hundred
East meane Hundred
Evinger Hundred
Fareham Liberty
Fawley Hundred
Finche deane Hundred
Fordingbridge Hundred
Hambledon Hundred
Holdshott Hundred
Horwel Hundred
Kinges sombourne Hundred
Kingesclere Hundred
Mansbridge Hundred
Meanstoke Hundred
Micheldevor Hundred
Newforest Hundred
Odiam Hundred
Overton Hundred
Pastrae Hundred
Petersfield Liberty
Portesdowne Hundred
Redbridge Hundred
Ringwood Hundred
Selbourne Hundred
Sutton Hundred
Thornegate Hundred
Titchefeild Hundred
Waltham Hundred

Notes about hundreds.

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