Norden's Hampshire 1595

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Rivers John Norden's map shows a number of rivers, drawn by broad wiggly lines tapering inland; most are not named. A stream might have a pond at its head, an echo of a medieval convention? Hampshire's major rivers are all shown. The rivers that are shown can mostly be indentified, but with a degree of guesswork.

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'modern' name (parish; ngr) and old name (hundred) if given
Alre, River (Itchen Stoke and Ovington parish; SU5732)
Anton, River (Wherwell parish; SU3839)
Avon Water (Milford-on-Sea parish; SZ3091)
Avon, River (Christchurch parish; SZ1692)
Bagwell Stream? (Hook parish; SU740543?)
Bartley Water (Totton and Eling parish; SU3612)
Beaulieu River (Beaulieu parish; SZ4297)
Black Brook? (Fareham parish; SU579058)
Blackwater River (Bramshill parish; SU7463)
Blackwater, River (Totton and Eling parish; SU3615)
Bourne Rivulet (Hurstbourne Priors parish; SU4445)
Bow Brook (Bramley parish; SU6758)
Candover Stream (Itchen Stoke and Ovington parish; SU5631)
Christchurch Harbour (Christchurch parish; SZ1791)
Clere Water? (Ashford Hill with Headley parish; SU5363)
Cove Brook (Hawley parish; SU861589)
Criddell Stream (Petersfield parish; SU7723)
Danes Stream (Milford-on-Sea parish; SZ2991)
Dever, River (Barton Stacey parish; SU4041)
Dibden Stream? (Hythe and Dibden parish; SU431074)
Ems, River (Havant parish; SU7505)
Enborne, River (Ashford Hill with Headley parish; SU5563)
Hamble Haven (Hamble parish) = hamble haven (Mansbridge Hundred)
hamble haven (Mansbridge Hundred) = Hamble Haven (Hamble parish)
Hamble, River (Hamble parish; SU4804)
Hart, River (Bramshill parish; SU7460)
Hermitage Stream (Havant parish; SU7005)
Holybourne Stream (Alton parish; SU7340)
Itchen, River (Southampton parish; SU4209)
Kingsclere Stream? (Ashford Hill with Headley parish; SU5363)
Langstone Harbour (Havant parish; SU6802)
Lin Brook (Ringwood parish; SU147058)
Loddon, River (Stratfield Saye parish; SU7063)
Lyde River (Sherfield on Loddon parish; SU6956)
Lymington River (Lymington and Pennington parish; SZ3493)
Meon, River (Fareham parish; SU5302)
Moors River (Hurn parish; SZ1395)
Oakhanger Stream (Selborne parish; SU7836)
Otterbourne Stream? (Otterbourne parish; SU4622)
Park Stream (Michelmersh parish; SU3432)
Pillhill Brook (Upper Clatford parish; SU3544)
Ports Creek
Portsmouth Harbour (Portsmouth parish)
Rother, River (Steep parish; SU7723)
Ryebridge Stream (Froyle parish; SU7642)
Slea, River (Headley parish; SU819387)
Somborne Stream? (Kings Somborne parish; SU3430)
Southampton Water
Stour, River (Christchurch parish; SZ1692)
Tadburn Lake
Test, River (Southampton parish; SU4209)
Titchfeilde haven (Titchefeild Hundred) = Titchfield Haven (Fareham parish; SU5303)
Titchfield Haven (Fareham parish; SU5303) = Titchfeilde haven (Titchefeild Hundred)
Turmer Brook (Ellingham, Harbridge and Ibsley parish; SU139087)
Wallington River (Fareham parish; SU6003)
Wallop Brook (Houghton parish; SU338307)
Wey Brook (Sherborne St John parish; SU642584)
Wey, River (Binsted parish; SU8144)
Whitewater, River (Bramshill parish; SU7463)

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