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Ogilby's Hampshire 1675

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The Road from LONDON to SOUTHAMPTON, Continued to SALISBURY.

I. THE Point of Bearing W.S.W.
II. The Direct Horizontal Distance 69 M.
III. The vulgar Computation 62 M.
IV. The Dimensuration 78 M.

From London Comp. Measure
to Bagshot 23 23 29'0 29'0
Farnham 09 32 11'6 40'6
Alton 07 39 09'3 50'1
Alresford 08 47 09'6 59'7
Twiford 07 54 08'6 68'5
Southampton 08 62 09'6 78'3
The Continuation to SALISBURY.
From Southampton Comp. Measure
to Rumsey 06 06 08'3 08'3
White-Parish 06 12 09'0 17'3
SALISBURY 06 18 08'2 25'5

Middlesex, Surrey, Hantshire and Wiltshire, are the Counties including the R. and the Thames, Wey, Itchin, Test, and Bourn, are the principal Rivers crost over; A very good Road to Southampton, and thence to Salisbury indifferent.

Acute Turnings to be avoided.

At 30'3 The Right to Andover and Exeter. 33'3 The Right to Haley. 33'7 The Left to Farnborough. 38'0 The Roads on the Left to Alderscot. 38'2 The Right to Crundle. 50'7 The Left to Portsmouth. 60'7 The Right to Ovington. 64'0 The Right to Winchester. 67'7 the Left to Morwel. 68'5 The Right to Salisbury. 69'7 The Left to Bishops Stoke. 74'7 The Right to Rumsey.

In the Continuation to SALISBURY.

At 1'1 The Left forward to Ringwood. 2'7 The Left to Milborough. 5'0 & 7'6 The Left to Nurslin. 8'2 The Right to Andover. 9'2 the Left to Forden-bridg. 10'0 The Left to Ridg. The Direct to Pool. 12'6 The Right and Direct Ways. ...

FROM London to Bagshot, (as in the Land's-End-R.) whence at 29'3 over Bagshot-H. at 33 M. enter Frimely, and at the following Water, Hantsh. At 34'6 (having first crost Farnborough-C.) by the Lord Ansley's House and Chap. on the Left, come to Farnham-C. of 4 M. re-ent'ring Surrey at 39'3, ...

At 43'2 re-enter Hantshire, and at 45'0 set forward by some Houses on the R. call'd Bentley-Green. But 12 F. farther, descend by Frail-Ch. and by Sir Denis Gauden's House on the Left; and ascend again, till a direct R. with some Houses, leads to Alton at 50 M. of 4 F. on the said Wey; well Wooded, and having a great Market on Saturdays for Cattel and Provisions.

From 52 M. thro' Woods, and up Hill at 53'2 the R. at 54'7 lies direct with some straggling Houses at 58 M. At 59'6 cross a Part of Itchin flu. here call'd Alre, thro' which the R. went 1 M. before, and which feeds the great Pond on the Left; entring Alresford vulgo Ailsford, a large Town of above 3 F. on the R. Govern'd by a Bailiff and 8 Burgesses: It has a great Mt. on the Thursd, especially for Sheep and Provisions, and 2 Fairs, viz. on Holy-Thursday and Midsummer-Day.

At 60'7 pass Sewers Water, and another Branch of the Itchin, and at 64 M. the great R. on the Right leads to Winchester, as do most of those betwixt this and Twiford: Here ent'ring Long-Wood-D. at 66'5 come to Morested-Ch. on the Left, and at 68'5 to Twiford-V. of 2 F. on the R. near Itchin; which by Brambridg-House on the Right, cross at 70'6, over High-bridg. Ten F. farther, by a few Houses, and Albrook-House on the Right; at 74'7 pass thro' Swaland-V. a Streight R. with several Houses, the Riv. on the Left, leading at 78 M. to SOUTHAMPTON; in which a direct Street of 6 F. extends to the Key, where Ships of a considerable Burthen may arrive.

'Tis a Town and County govern'd by a Mayor, 9 Justices, a Sheriff, 2 Bailiffs, 24 Common-Council-Men, 24 Burgesses, &c. having a Right to choose Parl-Men: 'Tis large and well-built, containing 6 Churches, Fenc'd with a double Ditch and strong Walls. It has 7 Gates and several Watch-Towers; and is a Place of good Trade design'd for a Mart under K. Edw. VI. Its Mts. are on Tuesd. Thursd. Saturd. and its Fairs on St. Mark's Day, and Trinity-Monday: It gives Title to the Illustrious Charles Fitz-Roy, Earl of Southampton, &c. Here the Assizes for the County are often Held.

From Southampton to Salisbury.

FROM the Mt-place [i]n Southampton, after 2 F. turn short on the Left, and over Rumsey-Com. and a Brook at 2'6, leave Half-Way-Oak on the Right at 3'7. At 5 M. pass thro' Upton-V. and at 5'3 to Austrey-W. of above 1 M. Whence thro' a Copse and by a few straggling Houses, leave Broadlands-House on the Left; and at 8'1 enter Rumsey, a large and ancient Town of 5 F. on the Road, govern'd by a Mayor, Recorder, 6 Aldermen, 12 Burgesses, &c. 'Tis much inhabited by Clothiers, and has a good Mt. on Saturd. with 3 Fairs, viz. on Easter-Monday, August 15. and St. Simon and Jude.

Beyond the Town, cross Test flu. which rising about Basingstoke, passes by Stokebridg, and 4 M. below this Place, falls into the Sea: Then at 8'7 the Right-Hand Way after 16 F. unites again: Here ascending for 3 F. and keeping to the Right, at 10 M. come to Bluck on the Heath, a Common of 2 M. leading by an indirect Road and some Houses. At 14'6 enter Wiltsh. ...

Backward Turnings to be avoided between Salisbury and Southampton.

IV. In Rumsey, the Left to Andover and Winchester.

Between Southampton and Bagshot.

I. The Left in, and at the End of Twiford to Southampton.
II. 2'7 Beyond Bighton, the Left to Maysted.

Ogilby's Hampshire 1675
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