Ogilby 1675 plate 51 scroll 2
London to Southampton

From 52 M. thro' Woods ...

mile ' furlong

52'3 end of scroll SU69303712
continues on plate 51, scroll 3 towards Southampton.
52'2 wood right SU6937
Chawton Park Wood;
52'2 road SU69423724
track, right of way.
52'1 tree left SU6936
Imbook Copse;
52'0 mile number SU69833743
51'7 road SU70003752
follow track, right of way.
51'7 tree left
few trees here alongside A31.
51'6 bend right SU70153762
51'5 village left SU70803703
Chawton ;

Acute Turnings to be avoided ... 50'7 The Left to Portsmouth.

51'2 road SU70763827
Chawton Park Road;
51'0 mile number SU71073852
50'7 road SU71203865
Butts Road;
50'7 turning left SU71273872
to Portsmouth is Butts Road (A32); leads to A32 to Fareham, then M27 to Portsmouth. It was Ogilby's route plate 81 scroll 5, to Chichester via Petersfield.

... leads to Alton at 50 M. of 4 F. on the said Wey;
well Wooded, and having a great Market on Saturdays for Cattel and Provisions.

50'3 road SU71703926
High Street (A31);
50'2 town SU71763937
Alton als Aulton ; see plate 81 scroll 5 for another view of Alton.
50'2 river SU71763937
Wey fluv (River Wey); river still appears to run under houses.
50'1 (turning not shown) right SU71883950
Church Street; Ogilby's route on plate 81 scroll 5 towards Oxford.
50'1 road SU71943962
Normandy Street (A339 & A31);
50'0 church right SU71723961(?)
Alton Church;
50'0 mile number SU72053965
49'7 river left SU7239
River Wey;
49'6 windmill left SU7238
windmill not found on other maps, but note Windmill Hill and Windmill Lane.
49'5 school left SU72504005
Free Schole (Eggar's School);

... a direct R. with some Houses ...

49'3 turning right
to Basingstoke ; several possible turnings leading towards Golden Pot; no major route to Basingstoke now.
49'3 road SU72694030
Anstey Road (A339 & A31);
49'2 settlement SU72834046
49'0 river left SU7340
River Wey;
49'0 mile number SU73254076
48'7 turning right SU73344081
to Odiam (Odiham) is Howard's Lane; minor roads and tracks to Odiham.
48'7 settlement SU73344081
48'6 turning right SU73574095
to Weston (Weston Corbett) is Church Lane; no direct route to Weston Corbett but various minor roads and tracks.
48'5 road SU73724107
London Road (A31); the A31 now by-passes Alton.
48'3 river SU74104124
a Rill ; tributary of Wey.
48'2 turning left SU74174127
at Cuckoo's Corner.
48'1 village left SU77144096
Binsted ;
48'0 river left SU7441
River Wey;
48'0 mile number SU74574155

... and ascend again ...

at 45'0 ... 12 F. farther, descend by Frail-Ch.
and by Sir Denis Gauden's House on the Left;

47'7 road SU74754168
(A31); follow old road alignment.
47'3 turning left SU75464204
to Binsted ; crosses Wey, minor road to Binsted.
47'2 turning right SU75464204
47'1 river left SU7542 & SU7541
River Wey; shows the meander in SU7541.
47'0 mile number SU75784241
46'7 hill up SU7542
after crossing Ryebridge stream.
46'7 house right SU7542
Sir Den: Gauden (Lord Mayor Treloar College?); shown on Taylor 1759, Milne 1791; Froyle House on Greenwood 1826.
46'6 church SU75594288
Fraile Church (Froyle Church);
46'6 turning right SU75954271
footpath, right of way.
46'6 road SU75974274
A31; crosses Ryebridge Stream here; some road realignment along the A31.
46'5 hill down SU7642
to Quarry Bottom.
46'5 bend left SU76084285
46'4 river left SU7642
River Wey;
46'4 compass
up is SW from 40'3 to 52'2.
46'2 road SU76754325
(A31); no through road now; rejoin A31.
46'0 mile number SU77074330
46'0 bend right SU77104332
46'0 cross roads SU77104332
Right to Fraile (Froyle); minor road to Lower Froyle; no sharp bend now.
Left to Binsted is Isington Lane; the road to Binsted crossing the Wey at Isington Mill has been diverted by the A31 by-pass.

... at 45'0 set forward by some Houses on the R. call'd Bentley- Green.

45'6 river left SU7742
River Wey;
45'6 bend left SU77384360
45'6 turning right SU77384360
to Coldree (Coldrey Farm); track to Coldrey Farm, historic site.
45'3 river left SU7843
River Wey;
45'1 heath left SU7842 & SU7942
Com~on ; mostly wooded now, including part of Alice Holt Forest.
45'1 road, dotted left SU78384393
fields now on left hand side.
45'1 village right SU78384393
Bentley ; village centre on right hand side of road.
45'1 turning right SU78384393
45'0 church right SU78414470
Bentley Church;
45'0 mile number SU78594400

At 43'2 re-enter Hantshire ...

44'5 road SU79114416
(A31); now a minor road through Bentley.
44'5 river left SU7944 & SU7943
wey flvu (River Wey); the river meanders away from the higher ground and the road.
44'4 road SU79384416
A31; leave A31 which now by-passes Bentley.
44'2 bend right SU79854427
rejoin A31.
44'1 road SU79974442
(A31); alongside present A31 which has been straightened.
44'0 bend left SU80004444
44'0 turning right SU80004444
is Marsh Lane;
44'0 mile number SU80104440
43'7 bend right SU80304436
leave A31 on Marsh Lane.
43'7 hilly land SU84 & SU7944
land rises from river valley.
43'5 turning left
no turning here.
43'4 mill left SU8044
Paper Mill ; Taylor records 'Corn Mill olim Paper Mill'; the mill shown on Milne 1791 matches better than Turks Mill which is at SU802442.
43'2 bend right SU81164474
43'2 river left SU8144
River Wey; alongside road.
43'2 county boundary SU81204478
RE.ENTER HAMPSHIRE ; present boundary.
43'0 mile number SU81504510

42'7 river left SU8145
River Wey; alongside road.
42'5 mill left SU8245
A Mill ; does not quite match site of Willey Mill.
42'4 turning left SU82174551
to Raclesam (Wrecclesham) is River Lane; crosses Wey and into Wrecclesham.
42'4 river left SU8245
River Wey; alongside road.
42'0 road SU82614586
Alton Road A31;
42'0 bend left SU82794595
rejoin A31 Farnham Bypass at a roundabout.
42'0 mile number SU82794595
mile 41 to 42 shows only 7 furlongs.
41'2 river left SU8346
River Wey; alongside road.
41'2 cross roads SU83394654
Right to Dipnal (Dippenhall) is Crondall Lane; to Dippenhall.
Left is Babs Mead?; at SU83364650. Leads to river Wey footbridges

Backward Turnings to be avoided ... In Farnham, the Right to Petersfield.

... arriving at Farnham at 40'5, a Town of 4 F. on the N-W. side of Wey flu. taking its Name from the great quantity of Fern hereabouts:
'Tis Govern'd by 12 Masters, of whom 2 are Bailiffs; and has a great Mt. on Thursd. with 2 Fairs, viz. on Midsummer-Day and All-Saints-Day.

41'1 road SU83504667
West Street A325 (A31);
41'0 mile number SU83674674
mile 41 to 42 shows only 7 furlongs.
40'6 castle right SU837473
the Castle (Farnham Castle);
40'6 church left SU83864669
Farnham Parish Church; see Milne 1791.
40'6 turning left SU83944684
to Petersfeild (Petersfield) is Downing Street; see Milne 1791. For Petersfield, join A287 across the river, then B3384, A325.
40'6 road SU83964687
The Borough A325 (A31);
40'6 town SU83964687
Farnham ;
40'5 turning right SU83994690
to Hartley Row is Castle Street A287; route to Hartley Row via B3013, A323 and a minor road.
40'5 road SU84144700
The Woolmead A325 (A31);
40'4 bend right
road bears slightly left.
40'4 road SU84294716
East Street A325 (A31);
40'3 end of scroll SU84504728
in Surrey; continues on plate 51, scroll 1 towards London. Road measurements indicate a gap of about a furlong after the last scroll.

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