Ogilby 1675 plate 51 scroll 2
London to Southampton

From 52 M. thro' Woods ...

mile ' furlong

52'3   end of scroll   SU69303712
continues on plate 51, scroll 3 towards Southampton.
52'2   wood right   SU6937
Chawton Park Wood;
52'2   road   SU69423724
track, right of way.
52'1   tree left   SU6936
Imbook Copse;
52'0   mile number   SU69833743
51'7   road   SU70003752
follow track, right of way.
51'7   tree left  
few trees here alongside A31.
51'6   bend right   SU70153762
51'5   village left   SU70803703

Acute Turnings to be avoided ... 50'7 The Left to Portsmouth.

51'2   road   SU70763827
Chawton Park Road;
51'0   mile number   SU71073852
50'7   road   SU71203865
Butts Road;
50'7   turning left   SU71273872
to Portsmouth is Butts Road (A32); leads to A32 to Fareham, then M27 to Portsmouth. It was Ogilby's route plate 81 scroll 5, to Chichester via Petersfield.

... leads to Alton at 50 M. of 4 F. on the said Wey;
well Wooded, and having a great Market on Saturdays for Cattel and Provisions.

50'3   road   SU71703926
High Street (A31);
50'2   town   SU71763937
Alton als Aulton; see plate 81 scroll 5 for another view of Alton.
50'2   river   SU71763937
Wey fluv (River Wey); river still appears to run under houses.
50'1   (turning not shown) right   SU71883950
Church Street; Ogilby's route on plate 81 scroll 5 towards Oxford.
50'1   road   SU71943962
Normandy Street (A339 & A31);
50'0   church right   SU71723961(?)
Alton Church;
50'0   mile number   SU72053965
49'7   river left   SU7239
River Wey;
49'6   windmill left   SU7238
windmill not found on other maps, but note Windmill Hill and Windmill Lane.
49'5   school left   SU72504005
Free Schole (Eggar's School);

... a direct R. with some Houses ...

49'3   turning right  
to Basingstoke; several possible turnings leading towards Golden Pot; no major route to Basingstoke now.
49'3   road   SU72694030
Anstey Road (A339 & A31);
49'2   settlement   SU72834046
49'0   river left   SU7340
River Wey;
49'0   mile number   SU73254076
48'7   turning right   SU73344081
to Odiam (Odiham) is Howard's Lane; minor roads and tracks to Odiham.
48'7   settlement   SU73344081
48'6   turning right   SU73574095
to Weston (Weston Corbett) is Church Lane; no direct route to Weston Corbett but various minor roads and tracks.
48'5   road   SU73724107
London Road (A31); the A31 now by-passes Alton.
48'3   river   SU74104124
a Rill; tributary of Wey.
48'2   turning left   SU74174127
at Cuckoo's Corner.
48'1   village left   SU77144096
48'0   river left   SU7441
River Wey;
48'0   mile number   SU74574155

... and ascend again ...

at 45'0 ... 12 F. farther, descend by Frail-Ch.
and by Sir Denis Gauden's House on the Left;

47'7   road   SU74754168
(A31); follow old road alignment.
47'3   turning left   SU75464204
to Binsted; crosses Wey, minor road to Binsted.
47'2   turning right   SU75464204
47'1   river left   SU7542 & SU7541
River Wey; shows the meander in SU7541.
47'0   mile number   SU75784241
46'7   hill up   SU7542
after crossing Ryebridge stream.
46'7   house right   SU7542
Sir Den: Gauden (Lord Mayor Treloar College?); shown on Taylor 1759, Milne 1791; Froyle House on Greenwood 1826.
46'6   church   SU75594288
Fraile Church (Froyle Church);
46'6   turning right   SU75954271
footpath, right of way.
46'6   road   SU75974274
A31; crosses Ryebridge Stream here; some road realignment along the A31.
46'5   hill down   SU7642
to Quarry Bottom.
46'5   bend left   SU76084285
46'4   river left   SU7642
River Wey;
46'4   compass  
up is SW from 40'3 to 52'2.
46'2   road   SU76754325
(A31); no through road now; rejoin A31.
46'0   mile number   SU77074330
46'0   bend right   SU77104332
46'0   cross roads   SU77104332
Right to Fraile (Froyle); minor road to Lower Froyle; no sharp bend now.
Left to Binsted is Isington Lane; the road to Binsted crossing the Wey at Isington Mill has been diverted by the A31 by-pass.

... at 45'0 set forward by some Houses on the R. call'd Bentley- Green.

45'6   river left   SU7742
River Wey;
45'6   bend left   SU77384360
45'6   turning right   SU77384360
to Coldree (Coldrey Farm); track to Coldrey Farm, historic site.
45'3   river left   SU7843
River Wey;
45'1   heath left   SU7842 & SU7942
Com~on; mostly wooded now, including part of Alice Holt Forest.
45'1   road, dotted left   SU78384393
fields now on left hand side.
45'1   village right   SU78384393
Bentley; village centre on right hand side of road.
45'1   turning right   SU78384393
45'0   church right   SU78414470
Bentley Church;
45'0   mile number   SU78594400

At 43'2 re-enter Hantshire ...

44'5   road   SU79114416
(A31); now a minor road through Bentley.
44'5   river left   SU7944 & SU7943
wey flvu (River Wey); the river meanders away from the higher ground and the road.
44'4   road   SU79384416
A31; leave A31 which now by-passes Bentley.
44'2   bend right   SU79854427
rejoin A31.
44'1   road   SU79974442
(A31); alongside present A31 which has been straightened.
44'0   bend left   SU80004444
44'0   turning right   SU80004444
is Marsh Lane;
44'0   mile number   SU80104440
43'7   bend right   SU80304436
leave A31 on Marsh Lane.
43'7   hilly land   SU84 & SU7944
land rises from river valley.
43'5   turning left  
no turning here.
43'4   mill left   SU8044
Paper Mill; Taylor records 'Corn Mill olim Paper Mill'; the mill shown on Milne 1791 matches better than Turks Mill which is at SU802442.
43'2   bend right   SU81164474
43'2   river left   SU8144
River Wey; alongside road.
43'2   county boundary   SU81204478
RE.ENTER HAMPSHIRE; present boundary.
43'0   mile number   SU81504510

42'7   river left   SU8145
River Wey; alongside road.
42'5   mill left   SU8245
A Mill; does not quite match site of Willey Mill.
42'4   turning left   SU82174551
to Raclesam (Wrecclesham) is River Lane; crosses Wey and into Wrecclesham.
42'4   river left   SU8245
River Wey; alongside road.
42'0   road   SU82614586
Alton Road A31;
42'0   bend left   SU82794595
rejoin A31 Farnham Bypass at a roundabout.
42'0   mile number   SU82794595
mile 41 to 42 shows only 7 furlongs.
41'2   river left   SU8346
River Wey; alongside road.
41'2   cross roads   SU83394654
Right to Dipnal (Dippenhall) is Crondall Lane; to Dippenhall.
Left is Babs Mead?; at SU83364650. Leads to river Wey footbridges

Backward Turnings to be avoided ... In Farnham, the Right to Petersfield.

... arriving at Farnham at 40'5, a Town of 4 F. on the N-W. side of Wey flu. taking its Name from the great quantity of Fern hereabouts:
'Tis Govern'd by 12 Masters, of whom 2 are Bailiffs; and has a great Mt. on Thursd. with 2 Fairs, viz. on Midsummer-Day and All-Saints-Day.

41'1   road   SU83504667
West Street A325 (A31);
41'0   mile number   SU83674674
mile 41 to 42 shows only 7 furlongs.
40'6   castle right   SU837473
the Castle (Farnham Castle);
40'6   church left   SU83864669
Farnham Parish Church; see Milne 1791.
40'6   turning left   SU83944684
to Petersfeild (Petersfield) is Downing Street; see Milne 1791. For Petersfield, join A287 across the river, then B3384, A325.
40'6   road   SU83964687
The Borough A325 (A31);
40'6   town   SU83964687
40'5   turning right   SU83994690
to Hartley Row is Castle Street A287; route to Hartley Row via B3013, A323 and a minor road.
40'5   road   SU84144700
The Woolmead A325 (A31);
40'4   bend right  
road bears slightly left.
40'4   road   SU84294716
East Street A325 (A31);
40'3   end of scroll   SU84504728
in Surrey; continues on plate 51, scroll 1 towards London. Road measurements indicate a gap of about a furlong after the last scroll.

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