Saxton's Hampshire 1575

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Bridges Saxton is conscious of the importance of bridges; he includes a count of them in the introductory matter in the atlas. Remember that this map was produced for government; knowledge of bridges over rivers is necessary to the planning of troop movements.

Saxton's introductory pages has:-
CATALOGUS Urbiu~, Episco~, oppido Merca~, Castro~, Eccle, parochialiu~, Fluvi~ illustriu~, Pontiu~, Lucoru~, Saltoru~, Septoruque omniu~, ...
In the tabulation that follows is:-
     Comitatus ... ... ... Pon:
     Southamptonia ... ... 031
Saxton counts 31 bridges; he marks more; some are named.

We have attempted to identify where Saxton's bridges were. The suggested locations are what we believe are the same crossing places, the bridge structures of Saxton's time have mostly been replaced.

Saxton shows three bridges over the River Itchen at Winchester. Their locations are crude but it is possible to see that one is north of St Peter's Church, Chesil, the next south is at the south east corner of the town wall, and the third is level with St Cross.

In the present day the three Saxton bridges appear to be called, from north to south:-
  • City Bridge
  • Black Bridge
  • St Cross Bridge
At Fareham it is not clear whether Wallington bridge or the lower crossing of the Wallington River is shown.

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'modern' name (parish; ngr) = old name if given

bridge (Beaulieu parish; SU3802)
bridge (Eastleigh parish; SU4619)
bridge (Soberton parish; SU597144)
bridge (Stockbridge parish; SU3535)
One or all of the bridges on High Street, Stockbridge, over the braided River Test.
bridge (Totton and Eling parish; SU361145)
bridge (Wickham parish; SU572113)
Black Bridge (Winchester parish; SU486288)
Boldre Bridge (Boldre parish; SZ320984)
City Bridge (Winchester parish; SU486293)
Cur Bridge (Curdridge parish; SU528118) = Kirbridge
Great Bridge (Fordingbridge parish; SU150145) = fording birge
Great Bridge (Romsey Extra parish; SU353228)
Hartford Bridge (Hartley Wintney parish; SU774578)
High Bridge (Otterbourne parish; SU467214) = Hey bridge
Iford Bridge (Bournemouth parish; SZ1393) = Iver brige
Kimbridge (Michelmersh parish; SU329255) = kimb bridge
Long Bridge (Sherfield on Loddon parish; SU6858)
Long Bridge (Romsey Extra parish; SU354178) = Longe bridge
Mans Bridge (Southampton parish; SU447155) = mans bridge
Middle Bridge (Romsey parish; SU350207)
Milford Bridge (Milford-on-Sea parish; SZ2891)
Ower Bridge (Copythorne parish; SU32661676)
Ports Bridge (Portsmouth parish; SU654045) = Portes bridge
Red Bridge East (Southampton parish; SU369137)
Red Bridge West (Southampton parish; SU368137)
Rook's Bridge (Southwick and Widley parish; SU62720837)
Rum Bridge (Totton and Eling parish; SU3512)
St Cross Bridge (Winchester parish; SU476271)
Stoning Bridge (Ringwood parish; SU143052)
Stony Bridge (Fareham parish; SU543066)
Timsbury Bridge (Romsey Extra parish; SU351234)
Town Bridge (Christchurch parish; SZ16189275)
Wallington Bridge? (Fareham parish; SU583067)
bridge (Fareham parish; SU587062)

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Minns, G W, Rev (ed):: Leland in Hampshire: ProcHFC: vol 6 supplement

Speed, John: 1611: Hantshire::: town plan of Winchester on his county map

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