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Saxton's Hampshire 1575

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title cartouche; strapwork plus ...
coats of arms, maker's name
orientation; shown by labelled borders
scale line; 10 miles, chequered
engraver's name
coast shaded; into a stippled sea
rivers; shown by tapered wiggly lines
bridges; shown by arches over rivers
relief; shown by hillocks shaded to east
beacons; some indicated by 'posts' on hills
woods, forests; shown by groups of trees
parks; shown by rings of fence paling
settlements; places are shown by a dot and circle, with added elements to indicate -
houses, hamlets, villages, cities, etc
market towns; and other towns, block caps label
coastal defence, castles; dot and circle with towers and flag
galleon - carracks and small craft; sea monster; etc
picture frame border; swash lettering; engraving; windmill; etc

Saxton's Hampshire 1575, contents
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Map HMCMS:KD1996.1
 ©  Martin and Jean Norgate: 2003
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