Index sheet


To provide standardised links between maps of different period an index grid has been overlaid on Saxton's map. The index grid used is the familiar National Grid Reference system for the United Kingdom. The application of the ngr is crude, simple mathematics based on the positions of about 20 towns, ignoring any differences of map projection.
Notes about grid references.

Saxton's Hampshire 1575, contents
Old Hampshire Mapped
sz09 sz18 sz19 su10 su11 sz29 su20 su21 su22 su23 su24 sz38 sz39 su30 su31 su32 su33 su34 su35 sz49 su40 su41 su42 su43 su44 su45 su46 sz59 su50 su51 su52 su53 su54 su55 su56 sz69 su60 su61 su62 su63 su64 su65 su66 su70 su71 su72 su73 su74 su75 su76 su83 su84 su85 su86
Map HMCMS:KD1996.1