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Simmons's Hampshire 1635-43

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title: there is no title on the tiny map; the title of the table of distances is:-

scale line: The maps has a scale line of 10 miles.

coast shaded: the coast line is shaded. Southampton Water, and Portsmouth and Langstone Harbours are clearly shown; Hamble and Titchfield Havens are exaggerated.

rivers: rivers are drawn as wiggly lines.

hillocks: a couple of hillocks are drawn to indicate relief ... just to show willing!

beacons: So few hills are drawn that it is tempting to think that the three shown in the south of the county have some special significance. It is just possible that two of them represent Bushy or Sarisbury Beacon and Hythe Beacon. Norden's maps 1595 and 1607 include good coverage of beacons.

settlements: are marked by a dot and circle with a tower.

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