Simmons's/Jenner's Hampshire 1635-43

rivers Rivers on the map are drawn as wiggly lines. Only one:-
Avon flu
is labelled. It is possible to identify others:-
  • Stour, River
  • Christchurch Harbour
  • Avon, River
  • Avon Water
  • Beaulieu River
  • Test, River
  • Somborne Stream
  • Wallop Brook
  • Park Stream
  • Anton, River
  • Pillhill Brook
  • Itchen, River
  • Alre, River
  • Candover Stream
  • Hamble, River
  • Meon, River
  • Ports Creek
  • Southampton Water
  • Portsmouth Harbour
  • Langstone Harbour
  • Loddon, River
  • Bow Brook
  • Hart, River
Braiding in the Test is shown south of Stockbridge. A bridge can be seen at Winchester over Itchen. But, unusually, no bridge is shown across Ports Creek to Portsea Island.

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