Scale line

Simmons's/Jenner's Hampshire 1635-43

scale line

Jenner's map has a scale line of 10 miles, chequered in miles. This is neatly fitted in beside Simmons's table, at a peculiar angle to the map.

Estimating from the scale line, 11mm, the map scale is about:-
1 to 1500000
23 miles to 1 inch.
A better estimate of scale can be made from town positions, comparing known town-town distances, using DISTAB.exe. The map scale is about:-
1 to 1600000
25.5 miles to 1 inch.
The map maker's mile is probably an old english mile = 1.10 statute miles, BUT this is too small a map to give a reliable estimate of the size of the old english mile.

A pair of dividers are drawn over the scale line. These are distorted; to make them fit the space one leg is much longer than the other.

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