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Simmons's table of distances
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Matthew Simmons

These notes are made from a triangular table of distances for Hampshire by Mathew Simmons about 1635 and 1636, in an edition printed with a new thumbnail map of the county by Thomas Jenner about 1643. The item used is in the Map Collection of Hampshire CC Museums Service, item HMCMS:FA1999.20.

Simmons's table was first published in:-
A Direction for the English Traviller. By which he Shal be inabled to Coast about all England and Wales. And also to know how farre any Market or noteable Towne in any Shire lyeth one from an other, and Whether the same be East, West, North, or South from ye Shire Towne As also the distance betweene London and any other Shire or great towne: with the scituation thereof East, West, North, or South from London. By the help also of this worke one may know (in What Parish, Village, or Mansion house soeuer he be in) What Shires, he is to passe thorough & which way he is to trauell, till he come to his Journies End. Infelix cuius nullis Sapientia prodest. Are to be Sold by Mathew Sim~ons at the Golden Lion in Ducke laine, Ao 1635. Jacob van Langeren sculp.' 1635.
There is a frontispiece which includes a circular map of England and Wales engraved by Kip, preface 'To the gentle Reader', a note on 'The use of all the insueing Tables', plates which have a triangular table of distances, copied from Norden's of 1625, and a thumbnail map about 1 1/4 x 1 1/4 ins, plain reverse, Hampshire is plate 18; the map derives from playing card maps of 1590. It was published in an edition 1636 in which the table has a line of figures added along the diagonal of the table; the distance of each town from London. There is an introductory table of stages of the principal main roads in England and Wales whose stages match those in 16th century tables, eg the Chronicle of Yeres, 1541.
The Hampshire table of distances is titled:-

There is an edition (perhaps 1636?):-
Printed and are to be solde by John Garrett, at the South Entrance of ye Royal Exchange in Corn-hill, where you may have a most exact Mapp of England with the small Townes described in six large Sheets also all [other ]

The table was again published in 1643 in:-
A Direction for the English Traviller. ... Are to be sold by Thomas Jenner at the South entrance of the Exchange 1643. Jacob van Langeren sculp:
In the 1643 edition there are entirely new thumbnail county maps at about twice the scale of the Simmons 1635 maps; many of the new maps are rotated to fit the available space better; Hampshire is rotated about 135 degrees to fit its space.

Mathew Simmons
Mathew Simmons was a bookseller and printer, London; at the Golden Lion, Duke Lane, then Goldsmith's Alley, later next the Golden Lion, Aldersgate Street. He died 19 May 1654.

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