Coat of arms

Speed's Hampshire 1611

Coat of arms

The title cartouche is surmounted by the royal coat of arms and mottoes:-
The coat of arms is that of the period, not the same as today's:-
Quarterly 1. and 4., quarterly i and iiii azure three fleur de lys or (France), ii and iii gules three lions passant guardant or (England); 2. or a lion rampant within a tressure flory counter flory gules (Scotland); 3. azure a harp or stringed argent (Ireland).
With crests and supporters.

There are also coats of arms of Earls of Winchester and of Earls of Southampton drawn in columns either side of the map, each shield having a caption in a strapwork cartouche.

BOGO or BEAVOUS Earl of Southampton a famous warrier against ye Normans.

WILLIAM FITZ William created Earl of Southampton by Kinge Henry 8.

THO. WRIOTHEOSLEY created Earle of Southampton by K. Edward 6. Anno. 1.

CLITON a Saxon Earle of Winchester

SAER QUINCY Earle of Winchester

HUGH SPENCER Earle of Winchester.

LODOWICK BRUGET Earle of Winchester.

WILLIAM PAULET Marquess of Winchester

There are small letters of the alphabet in the quarters of coats of arms. These stand for the tinctures and furs used in heraldry. The letters to look for are:-
O - or, gold, use yellow - series of dots
A - argent, silver, uncoloured
G - gules, red - vertical lines
AZ - azure, blue - horizontal lines
V - vert, green - lines diagonally left to right
P - purpure, purple - lines diagonally right to left
S - sable, black - cross hatched vertical and horizontal
T - tenne, tawney, use orange - cross hatched diagonally

Notes about coat of arms.

Notes about colouring.

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