Speed's Hampshire 1611

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Bridges Some bridges shown on Speed's map of Hampshire, for example at Ringwood and Fordingbridge.

At Fareham it is not clear whether Wallington bridge or the lower crossing of the Wallington River is shown.

Speed's inset map of Winchester, has two main bridges serving roads, and several smaller bridges. There is a road bridge at East Gate, north of St Peter's Church, and the other is at the end of what can be recognised as College Walk. The next south is off his map.

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'modern' name (parish; ngr) = old name (hundred) if given
bridge (Beaulieu parish; SU3802)
bridge (Fareham parish; SU569062)
Ambersham Bridge (Graffham parish; SU916212)
Brockenhurst Bridge (Brockenhurst parish; SU302031)
Great Bridge (Fordingbridge parish; SU150145)
Iford Bridge (Bournemouth parish; SZ1393)
Ports Bridge (Portsmouth parish; SU654045)
Rum Bridge (Totton and Eling parish; SU3512)
Stoning Bridge (Ringwood parish; SU143052)
Stony Bridge (Fareham parish; SU543066)
Wallington Bridge (Fareham parish; SU583067)
bridge (Fareham parish; SU587062)
Warebridge (Fareham parish; SU542055) = Warmanshe (Titchfeild Hundred)

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