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Speed 1611
of Winchester
Longbottom A blazon for Roger de Quincy, Earl of Winchester, 1264, is given by Longbottom:-

gules, seven mascles 3,3,1 or

Saer de Quincy was a powerful baron, an enemy of John, but created Earl of Winchester by him. He was one of the 25 barons appointed to enforce the observance of the Magna Carta; he died on pilgrimage in the Holy Land.

Portal or, a fesse gules, a label of twelve points azure

which is quite a different blazon! Longbottom confirms this last for Saher de Quincy, Earl of Winchester, 1219.

Camden 1610
As touching the Earles of Winchester, ... King John created Saier Quincy, Earle of Winchester, who used for his armes a militare belt, they call it a Fesse, with a labell of seaven as I have seene upon his seales. After him succeeded Roger his sonne, who bare, Gueules seaven Mascles voided, Or: but with him that honour vanished and went away, seeing hee died without issew male.

Blaeu 1645

The coat of arms on Blaeu's map of Hampshire, 1645.

Jansson 1646

The coat of arms on Jansson's map of Hampshire and Berkshire, 1646.

Saer Quincy Earle of Winchester
Cox 1738
Saer de Quincy, Earl of Winchester, whose Arms were a Fesse with a Label of Seven, as appears from his Seal. He married Margaret, the youngest Sister and Coheir of Robert, Earl of Leicester, and by her had one Son and Heir.

Roger de Quincy [Earl of Winchester], who bore for his Arms, in a Field Gules, seven Mascles voided, Or: He married the eldest Daughter and Coheir of Alan, Lord Galloway, in Scotland, but by her had three Daughters only, of whom the eldest was married to William de Ferrariis, Earl of Derby, the second to Alan de Zouche, and the youngest to Comino, Earl of Buchan, in Scotland

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