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Norden 1595
Thomas Wriotheosley created Earle of Southampton An~o. 1551 by K: Ed: 6t.

Speed 1611
LEY created Earle of
Southampton by
K. Edward 6. Anno. 1.

St George The Wriothesley arms are described by St George making a visitation in 1686:-

azure, a cross argent between four falcons close or

which is in the 1st quarter of the arms on Speed's map.

The 2nd quarter of the arms is a bit like those of Bill described by Berry:-

or, a fret sable within a bordure engrailed azure, on a canton argent, five martlets in saltier, of the second

The 3rd and 4th quarters are unidentified:-

3 argent five fusils conjoined in pale gules, a bordure sable charged with seven bezants or (??)

4 per pale indented gules and azure, a lion [rampant] or (??)

Camden 1610
King Edward the Sixth, in the first yeere of his reigne conferred the said honor [Earl of Southampton] upon Thomas Wriotheosley Lord Chanceller, whose grand-child Henrie by his sonne Henrie, enjoieth the same at this day: and in the prime and flowre of his age hath by good literature and militarie experience strengthend his honorable parentage, that in riper yeeres he might be more serviceable to his Prince and country.

Blaeu 1645

The coat of arms on Blaeu's map of Hampshire, 1645.

Jansson 1646

The coat of arms on Jansson's map of Hampshire and Berkshire, 1646.

Tho. Wriotheosley created Ear. of Southampton by Kin. Edward 6. Anno 1.
Cox 1738
Thomas Wriothesley, or Wrythe, who had been before created Baron of Tichfield in this County by King Henry VIII. Reg. 35. Lord Chancellor of England, and one of the Knights of the Garter; and being made one of that King's Executors, and Council to the Prince Edward, his Son, was three Days before the Coronation of King Edward VI. made Earl of Southampton. He died at Southampton House (then called Lincoln-place) in Holborn, July 30, 1550.

Henry [Wriothesley] ... succeeded him in his Honour [Earl of Southampton] and Estate. He went with Robert, Earl of Essex, to Cadiz, 40 Eliz. was general of the Horse in Ireland, when that Earl was Deputy there, and after appeared with him in the Insurrection in London, which cost Essex his Head; but this Earl escaped, and being kept in Prison till King James came to the Crown, obtained his Liberty, and was restored to his Honour by Act of Parliament: He afterward got into that Prince's Favour, and was made a Knight of the Garter, Governor of the Isle of Wight and Castle of Caresbrooke, and then renewed his Patent for the Title and Dignity of the Earl of Southampton, with the like Privileges that he formerly enjoyed. He died Nov. 10. 1624.

Thomas [Wriothesley] ... was a Person of great Prudence and sincere Affection to King Charles I. whom he faithfully served in all his Troubles, and after his Death firmly adhered to his Son King Charles II. at whose Restoration he was made a Knight of the Garter, and Lord High Treasurer of England. He died at Southampton House near Holborn, May 16, 1667. and was buried at Tichfield among his Ancestors. He left no Heirs male, but had several Daughters, one of which named Rachel, was married to the late unhappy Nobleman, the Lord Russel, beheaded in 1683, by whom she had one Son, whose Name keeps up the memory of her Family, being Wriothesley, as is that of her Grandson's, now Duke of Bedford.

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