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The website record here is as at 2001.
        CLASSIFIED_NAME environment & maps
        CLASSIFIED_NAME transport & road
        SIMPLE_NAME website
        OTHER_NAME CD ROM & map & text
        TITLE Old Hampshire Mapped
        BRIEF_DESCRIPTION Website, Old Hampshire Mapped, presenting early printed maps of Hampshire, from 1575 to mid 19th century, authored by Jean and Martin Norgate, 1996-2001.
        BRIEF_DESCRIPTION The website deals with county maps, road strip maps, gazetteers, itineraries, etc of Hampshire and the Christchurch area, Dorset, which was in Hampshire, excluding the Isle of Wight, from the mid 16th to mid 19th centuries. It has topic notes on:- compass rose, scale line, old english mile, prime meridian, coast line, coastal defence and castles, rivers and bridges, relief, beacons, woods and forests, parks, county and hundreds, settlements and place names, roads, etc.
        BRIEF_DESCRIPTION The maps in the site, so far, include those by:- Christopher Saxton engraved by Leonard Terwoort, 1575; Peter Keer, 1620; John Norden engraved by William Hole, 1607; John Speed, 1611; Michael Drayton, 1613, with part of the poem Polyolbion; Mathew Simmons, 1643, with a table of distances; John Ogilby, 1675, strip maps from Britannia, with itineraries; Robert Morden, 1695; John Senex, 1719-57, strip maps; Emanuel Bowen, 1720s-50s, strip maps from Britannia Depicta; Thomas Badeslade, 1742; George Bickham, 1750, perspective map; Thomas Kitchin, 1751, small map; Isaac Taylor, 1759; Thomas Kitchin, 1767, strip maps in Kitchin's Post Chaise Companion; Daniel Paterson, 1785-93, strip maps in Paterson's British Itinerary; John Harrison, 1788; Thomas Milne, 1791; Aristide Perrot, 1823; C and J Greenwood, 1826.
        BRIEF_DESCRIPTION The site also includes geographical descriptions and itineraries:- John Leland, 1535-43; William Camden's Britannia translated by Philemon Holland, 1610; Thomas Cox, about 1738, Magna Britannia, Antiqua et Nova; Richard Brookes, 1815 16th edition, Brookes's General Gazetteer; John Cary, 1815 6th edition, Cary's New Itinerary; William Cobbett, 1830, Rural Rides.
        BRIEF_DESCRIPTION The items included in the site are mostly in the Map Collection of Hampshire County Council Museums Service, Chilcomb House, Chilcomb Lane, Winchester, Hampshire.
        PERSON author: Norgate, Jean M
            ADDRESS jandmn@norgate.freeserve.co.uk
        PERSON author: Norgate, Martin
            ADDRESS jandmn@norgate.freeserve.co.uk
        PLACE High Street & Steeple Ashton & Wiltshire
            SITE_NAME Rose and Crown, The
        DATE 1996=2001
        NOTE The site is hand written in word processor files having groups of web pages in single files. The files are split into separate pages using HTMLSPL.exe utility. Pages are ascii text using HTML version 3 with no plugins, and only one minor use of javascript: framesets are used. Images are in .jpg and .gif formats. Backup copies of the source files are kept as ascii text files on diskette. Backup of the whole site is kept on CD ROM which is to ISO9660 standard using DOS 8.3 style filenames and has been tested on Windows, Macintosh, and unix platforms.
        PLACE Hampshire
        PLACE Christchurch area & Dorset
            COORDINATES SZ0389 & SU0366 & SU8966 & SZ8989
                TYPE4 British NGR
                NOTE4 clockwise from SW corner
            COORDINATES 1° 58' W & 1° 43' W & 50° 42' N & 51° 24' N
                TYPE4 latitude and longitude
            NOTE3 approximate bounds of the area studied
        DATE 1575=1826
        OBJECT map & road map & strip map & county map & text & itinerary
        OBJECT compass rose & scale line & old english mile & prime meridian & coast line & coastal defence & castles & rivers & bridges & relief & beacons & forests & parks & county & hundreds & settlements & place names & roads
        PERSON map maker: Saxton, Christopher
        PERSON engraver: Terwoort, Leonard
        DATE 1575
        OBJECT map
        PERSON map maker: Keer, Peter
        DATE 1620
        OBJECT map
        PERSON map maker: Norden, John
        PERSON engraver: Hole, William
        DATE 1607
        OBJECT map
        PERSON map maker: Speed, John
        DATE 1611
        OBJECT map
        PERSON map maker: Drayton, Michael
        DATE 1613
        OBJECT map & poem & Polyolbion
        PERSON map maker: Simmons, Mathew
        DATE 1643
        OBJECT map & thumbnail map & table of distances
        PERSON map maker: Blaeu, John
        DATE 1645
        OBJECT map
        PERSON map maker: Ogilby, John
        DATE 1675
        OBJECT road map & strip map & map & Britannia & text & itinerary
        PERSON map maker: Morden, Robert
        DATE 1695
        OBJECT map
        PERSON map maker: Senex, John
        DATE 1719=1757
        OBJECT road map & strip map & map & text
        PERSON map maker: Bowen, Emanuel
        DATE 1720=1759 (?)
        OBJECT road map & strip map & map & text & Britannia Depicta
        PERSON map maker: Badeslade, Thomas
        DATE 1742
        OBJECT map
        PERSON map maker: Bickham, George
        DATE 1750
        OBJECT map & perspective map
        PERSON map maker: Kitchin, Thomas
        DATE 1751
        OBJECT map
        PERSON map maker: Taylor, Isaac
        DATE 1759
        OBJECT map & Hampshire
        PERSON map maker: Kitchin, Thomas
        DATE 1767
        OBJECT road book & Kitchin's Post Chaise Companion & road map & strip map & map
        PERSON map maker: Paterson, Daniel
        DATE 1785=1793
        OBJECT road book & Paterson's British Itinerary & road map & strip map & map & itinerary & text
        PERSON map maker: Harrison, John
        DATE 1788
        OBJECT map
        PERSON map maker: Milne, Thomas
        DATE 1791
        OBJECT map
        PERSON map maker: Perrot, Aristide
        DATE 1823
        OBJECT map
        PERSON map maker: Greenwood, C and J
        DATE 1826
        OBJECT map
        PERSON author: Leland, John
        DATE 1535=1543
        OBJECT text & itinerary
        PERSON author: Camden, William
        PERSON translator: Holland, Philemon
        DATE 1610
        OBJECT geography & Britannia & text & itinerary
        PERSON author: Cox, Thomas
        DATE 1738 (?)
        OBJECT geography & text & Magna Britannia, Antiqua et Nova
        PERSON author: Brookes, Richard
        DATE 1815 (16th edition)
        OBJECT text & gazetteer & Brookes's General Gazetteer
        PERSON author: Cary, John
        DATE 1815 (6th edition)
        OBJECT text & road book & itinerary & Cary's New Itinerary
        PERSON author: Cobbett, William
        DATE 1830
        OBJECT text & itinerary & Rural Rides
        PERSON museum: Hampshire CC Museum Service
        PLACE Chilcomb Lane & Winchester & Hampshire
            SITE_NAME Chilcomb House
        OBJECT collection & Map Collection
        PERIOD 16th century & 17th century, early & 17th century, late & 18th century, early & 18th century, late & 19th century, early
        METHOD item made inhouse
        PART:DIMEN:READING : pages: 7000 (?)
        PART:DIMEN:READING : memory: 500 Mbytes (?)
    PERMANENT_LOCATION http://www.geog.port.ac.uk/webmap/hantsmap & JandMN (master copy) & Portsmouth University (backup in Geography Department with Dominic Fontana): 2001
    RECORDER MN: 2.12.2001
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We are conscious that the metadata description of the site is fairly large. We would argue that it not large compared with the 7-8000 pages of the whole site, that this size of description is a necessity not an option. Writing the site description took little time compared to the time of authoring the site. The minimalist data structures suggested by some authorities are simply not good enough.

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The site as a whole is described in the record shown. There is a sequence of several hundred other records in the MODES database describing some of the separate pages in the site, which are the basis of the General Index to the site. The complete set of records is about 800K of xml file; our idea of good metadata.

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