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Page 145:-

Lancashire, plant list

Rare Plants found in Lancashire.

Aira aquatica. Water Hair Grass; in watery places, and banks of rivers.
--- montana. Mountain Hair Grass; in sandy dry heaths and pastures.
Andromeda polifolia. Marsh Wild Rosemary; on turfy bogs.
Asarum Europaeum. Asarabacca; in woods.
Athamanta meum. Spignel Mew, or Bawd money; in mountainous pastures.
Bartsia viscosa. Marsh Eyebright Cowwheat; in bogs about Latham, near Ormskirk.
Blasia pusilla. Dwarf Blasia; on the sides of ditches and rivulets; near Manchester.
Brassica Monensis. Small Jagged Yellow Rocket, of the Isle of Man; between Marsh Grange farm and the Isle of Walney.
Carex limosa. Brown Carex; on turfy bogs.
Chara tomentosa. Brittle Chara; on turfy bogs.
Cineraria palustris. Jagged Fleabane; in the ditches about Pillin Moss, plentifully.
Cistus hirsutus. Hairy Cistus; on the rocks about Cartmell Wells.
Cochlearia Danica. Small Sea Scurvy Grass; in the Isle of Walney.
Conserva gelatinosa δ. A variety of Jelly Conserva; in fountains and pure rivers: near Manchester.
Echinophora spinosa. Prickly Sampire, or Sea Parsley; at Roosbeck in Low Furness.
Eriophorum vaginatum. Hair's Tail Rush; upon the Mosses.
Fucus fibrosus. Fibrous Fucus; on the shore.
--- filicinus. Fern Fucus; and submarine rocks and stones in the Isle of Walney.
--- pedunculatus. Pedunculated Fucus; on submarine rocks and stones: in the Isle of Portland.
Galanthus nivalis. Snowdrop; in meadows.
Galeopsis tetrahit δ. Nettle Hemp, with a party coloured flower; in sandy corn fields.
--- viscosa. Hairy Nettle Hemp; in sandy corn fields.
Gentiana Pneumonanthe. Marsh Gentian or Calathian Violet; in wet meadows.
Geranium sanguineum γ. Bloody Cranesbill, with a variegated Flower; in a sandy soil near the sea shore in the Isle of Walney.
Lathyrus palustris. Marsh Chicklng Vetch; in wet meadows.
Lichen ampullaceus. Bladder Lichen; in mountainous pastures called Emmot-pasture near Coln.
--- articulatus. Jointed Lichen; on trees near Burnley.
--- fahlunensis. Cork Lichen; on rocks and large stones; near Longdale.
--- glaucus. Glaucus Lichen; in mountainous pastures called Emmot-pasture near Coln.
Lycopodium Selago. Fir Club-moss; on mountainous heaths.
Narthesium Ossifragum. Lancashire Asphodel or Bastard English Asphodel; on boggy grounds.
Ophrys cordata. Least Tway-blade; upon Pendle hill among the heath.
Potamogeton setaceum. Setaceous Pond-weed; on turfy bogs.
Polypodium Dryopteris. Branched Polypody; on stones and dry places.
Potentilla verna. Spring Cinque-foil; in barren pastures near Preston.
Prunus Cerasus β. Wild Heart Cherry-tree or Merry-tree; about Bury and Manchester.
--- padus. Bird Cherry; in woods and hedges.
Pulmonaria maritima. Sea Bugloss; on sandy sea shores; overagainst Bigger in the Isle of Walney.
Rubus chamaemorus. Mountain Bramble or Cloudberry; upon mountainous turfy bogs.
Sambucus nigra γ. Elder tree with jagged leaves; in a hedge near Manchester.
Sedum anglicum. English Stone-crop; on rocks and stones.
Serratula alpina. Mountain Saw-wort; on rocks near Burnley.
Stellaria nemorum. Wood Stich-wort; in wet woods aud (sic) hedges.
Tragopogon porrifolium. Purple Goat's-beard; on the banks of the river Calder near Whalley.
Ulva flavescens. Yellowish Liver-wort; on sea rocks and stones: in the isle of Walney.
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