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placename:- Borrowdale parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY2613
10Km square:- NY22
10Km square:- NY21
10Km square:- NY20
parish code:- BRRW
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY2613

source:- Census 1971

population:- 664 -- 1971

Aaron Crags, Borrowdale
Aaron Slack, Borrowdale
Aaron, Borrowdale
Abbot's Bay, Borrowdale
Abbot's Bay, Derwent Water
Aberration, Quayfoot Buttress
Abraham's Finish, Maiden Moor
Adam, Shepherds Crag
Adam's Rib, Dovenest Crag
Airey's Bridge, Borrowdale
Alisongrass Hoghouse, Borrowdale
Allen Crags, Borrowdale
Andersonband Crag, Borrowdale
Angelus, Bowder Crag
Angle Tarn, Borrowdale
Angletarn Gill
Ant Highway, Shepherds Crag
April Fool, Goat Crag
Ardus, Shepherds Crag
Ashness Bridge, Borrowdale
Ashness Farm, Borrowdale
Ashness Fell, Borrowdale
Ashness Ghyll, Falcon Crag
Ashness Gill
Ashness Wood, Borrowdale
Ashness, Borrowdale
Attic Stairs, Shepherds Crag
Balder's Buttress, Bowder Crag
Balder's Crack, Bowder Crag
Band, Borrowdale
barn, Rosthwaite
Barrow Bay, Derwent Water
Barrow Beck (2)
Barrow Cascade, Borrowdale
Barrow House, Borrowdale
Barrow Point, Borrowdale
Barrow, Borrowdale
Barrowgate, Borrowdale
Base Brown, Borrowdale
Bessyboot, Borrowdale
bield, Borrowdale
Big Curver, Goat Crag
Big Stanger Gill
Black Crag Eliminate, Black Crag
Black Crag Trial, Borrowdale
Black Crag, Borrowdale
black lead mine, Seathwaite
Blaspheming Butterfly, Goat Crag
Blea Crag, Borrowdale
Blea Rock, Borrowdale
Blea Tarn, Borrowdale
Bleaberry Fell, Borrowdale
Bleak How, Borrowdale
Bleatarn Gill
bloomery, Borrowdale
Bludgeon, Shepherds Crag
Bluebell Wall, Shepherds Crag
Bond Street, Combe Gill
Borrowdale CofE Primary School, Borrowdale
Borrowdale Fells, Borrowdale
Borrowdale Freeholds, Borrowdale
Borrowdale Gates Hotel, Grange
Borrowdale Gates, Borrowdale
Borrowdale Hotel, Borrowdale
Borrowdale Institute, Rosthwaite
Borrowdale Yews, Borrowdale
Borrowdale Youth Hostel, Borrowdale
Borrowdale: Shepherd's Meet and Show 2005
boundary post, Borrowdale/Ennerdale etc
boundary stone, Borrowdale
boundary stone, High Seat
boundary stone, Seathwaite
boundary stone, Seathwaite (2)
Bowder Crag, Borrowdale
Bowder Stone, Borrowdale
Bowderstone Pinnacle, Bowder Crag
Brackenburn Lodge, Borrowdale
Brackenburn, Borrowdale
Braithwaite and Buttermere Railway
Brandelhow Park, Borrowdale
Brandreth, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Bridal Suite, Goat Crag
Bridge Gully, Maiden Moor
bridge, Borrowdale
bridge, Rosthwaite
bridge, Seatoller
Brigg's Climb, Great End
Broad Haystack, Borrowdale
Broadway, Sergeant's Crag
Brock Bield, Borrowdale
Brockle Beck
Broomhill Point, Borrowdale
Brothers' Crack, Great End
Brown Crag Grooves, Shepherds Crag
Brown Crag Wall, Shepherds Crag
Brown Crag, Borrowdale
Brown Crags Traverse, Shepherds Crag
Brown Dodd, Borrowdale
Brown Knotts, Borrowdale
Brown Slabs Arete, Shepherds Crag
Brown Slabs Crack, Shepherds Crag
Brown Slabs Direct, Shepherds Crag
Brown Slabs, Shepherds Crag
Brund Fell, Borrowdale
Bull Crag, Borrowdale
Bull Crag, Borrowdale (2)
Burthwaite Bridge, Borrowdale
Caffell Side, Borrowdale
Caffle House, Borrowdale
Calf Close Buttress, Capell Crag
Calfclose Bay, Derwent Water
Calfclose Reeds, Borrowdale
Cam Crag, Borrowdale
Capell Cove, Borrowdale
Capell Crag, Borrowdale
Castle Crag, Borrowdale
Castle Wall, Castle Crag
Cat Bells, Above Derwent
Cat Ghyll Grooves, Low Crag
cave, Borrowdale
Central Girdle, Shepherds Crag
Central Gully, Great End
Chamonix, Shepherds Crag
Chapel House Farm, Borrowdale
Charon, Greatend Crag
Chrysalis, Goat Crag
circle of stones, Borrowdale
Cleft, Eagle Crag
Clubfoot, Dovenest Crag
Cock's Comb, Raven Crag
Coffin, Black Crag
Coldbarrow Fell, Borrowdale
Columba's Bastion, Combe Gill
Columba's Gully, Combe Gill
Combe Door, Borrowdale
Combe Ghyll Buttress, Combe Gill
Combe Ghyll Flake, Combe Gill
Combe Gill
Combe Head, Borrowdale
Combe, Borrowdale
Conclusion, Shepherds Crag
Copper Plate Mines, Borrowdale
Coquette's Gully, Yew Crag
Corax, Raven Crag
Corvus, Raven Crag
Cottage, Borrowdale
Craftsman, Long Crag
Crag Rat, Goat Crag
Creep, Quayfoot Buttress
Crescendo, Shepherds Crag
Croft Cottage, Borrowdale
Cursing Caterpillar, Goat Crag
Cust's Gully, Great End
Daedalus, Eagle Crag
Dangler, Falcon Crag
DDT, Goat Crag
Deadly Nightshade, Goat Crag
Derision Groove, Shepherds Crag
Deruptus, Falcon Crag
Derwent Farm, Borrowdale
Derwent Water
Derwent, River
Derwentwater YHA Turbine, Borrowdale
Desperation, Shepherds Crag
Devil's Wedge, Shepherds Crag
Disillusion, Castle Crag
Dock Tarn, Borrowdale
Dodd, Borrowdale
Donkey's Ears, Shepherds Crag
Dovenest Crag, Borrowdale
Driedly Gill Level, Borrowdale
DTs, Black Crag
Eagle Cracks, Eagle Crag
Eagle Crag, Borrowdale
Eddy Grave Stake, St John's Castlerigg etc
Ellers, Borrowdale
Entertainment Traverse, Shepherds Crag
Epitaph, Castle Crag
Epithet, Castle Crag
Esk Hause, Eskdale
Esk Pike, Eskdale
Ether Knott, Borrowdale
Eve, Shepherds Crag
Evening Wall, Lining Crag
Eyrie, Gillercombe Crag
Falcon Crag Buttress, Falcon Crag
Falcon Crag, Borrowdale
Falconer's Crack, Eagle Crag
Fellside Cottage, Borrowdale
Field House, Borrowdale
Fields, Greatend Crag
fingerpost, Borrowdale
Fisher's Folly, Shepherds Crag
Fleur de Lys, Bowder Crag
Fold End Farm, Borrowdale
Folly Bridge, Borrowdale
Fool's Gambol, Gowder Crag
Fool's Paradise, Gowder Crag
footbridge, Borrowdale
footbridge, Borrowdale (2)
footbridge, Borrowdale (3)
footbridge, Langstrath
footbridge, Ruddy Gill
footbridge, Seathwaite
ford, Rosthwaite
Fou, Shepherds Crag
Foxwood Cottage, Borrowdale
Frigga's Staircase, Bowder Crag
Funeral Way, Falcon Crag
Gabbro, Gillercombe Crag
Galleny Force, Borrowdale
gate, Borrowdale
geology, Borrowdale
Gibbet, Goat Crags
Gillercomb, Borrowdale
Gillercombe Bastion, Gillercombe Crag
Gillercombe Chimneys, Gillercombe Crag
Gillercombe Crag, Borrowdale
Gillercombe Gully, Gillercombe Crag
Gillercombe Staircase, Gillercombe Crag
Girdle Traverse 2, Falcon Crag
Girdle Traverse, Black Crag
Girdle Traverse, Eagle Crag
Girdle Traverse, Falcon Crag
Girdle Traverse, Goat Crag
Glaramara, Borrowdale
Gnome, Goat Crag
Goat Crag Needle, Goat Crag
Goat Crag, Borrowdale
Goat Crags, Borrowdale
Gorgoroth, Lining Crag
Gowder Buttress, Gowder Crag
Gowder Crag, Borrowdale
Gowder Face, Gowder Crag
Gowder Stones, Borrowdale
Grains Gill
Grains Gill Level, Borrowdale
Grange Bridge Cottage, Borrowdale
Grange Bridge, Grange
Grange Crags, Borrowdale
Grange Farm House, Borrowdale
Grange Farm, Borrowdale
Grange Fell, Borrowdale
Grange, Borrowdale
Graviter, Falcon Crag
Great Ape, Goat Crag
Great Bay, Derwent Water
Great Buttress, Goat Crag
Great Crag, Borrowdale
Great End, Eskdale
Great Gable, Nether Wasdale
Great Stair, Eagle Crag
Great Wall, Sergeant's Crag
Great Wood, Borrowdale
Greatend Crag, Borrowdale
Green Combe, Borrowdale
Green Gable, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Green Wall, Eagle Crag
Greenup Arete, Lining Crag
Greenup Corner, Borrowdale
Greenup Edge, Borrowdale
Greenup Gill
Greenup, Borrowdale
Grey Knotts Face, Gillercombe Crag
Grey Knotts, Borrowdale
guide stone, Lodore
Hallow Stone Crag, Borrowdale
Hallucination, Falcon Crag
Hanging Haystack, Borrowdale
Hanging Knotts, Borrowdale
Hardindale Knott, Borrowdale
Hause Gill
Hazel Bank, Borrowdale
Hedera Grooves, Falcon Crag
Hell's Wall, Bowder Crag
Heron Crag Buttress, Heron Crag
Heron Crag Gully, Heron Crag
Heron Crag, Borrowdale
High Crag, Borrowdale
High Crag, Borrowdale (2)
High Ground, Borrowdale
High House Tarn, Borrowdale
High Hows Quarry, Borrowdale
High Knott, Borrowdale
High Lodore Farm, Borrowdale
High Lodore, Borrowdale
High Raise, Borrowdale
High Saddle, Borrowdale
High Scawdell, Borrowdale
High Seat, Borrowdale
High Steel Knott, Borrowdale
High Tove, Borrowdale
High White Stones, Borrowdale
Higher the Better, Bowder Crag
Hind Crag Buttress, Hind Crag
Hind Crag, Borrowdale
Hind Side, Borrowdale
Hodgson memorial, Borrowdale
Hogs Earth, Borrowdale
Hog's Back, Gowder Crag
Hog's Earth, Gowder Crag
Hollow Stone, Borrowdale
Hollow Stones, Shepherds Crag
Hollows Farm, Borrowdale
Holly Tree Corner, Black Crag
Holm, Borrowdale
Holy Trinity, Grange
Holy Trinity, Grange: harvest festival 2009
Honister Pass, Buttermere
Honister Slate Quarry, Borrowdale
house, Grange
house, Lord's Island
How, Rosthwaite
Howe Cottages, Rosthwaite
Hundred Foot Slab, Shepherds Crag
Icarus, Eagle Crag
Incipient Arete, Yew Crag
Ings, Borrowdale
Inquest, Eagle Crag
Introductory Route, Heron Crag
Irony, Quayfoot Buttress
Irrawaddy, Castle Crag
Jackdaw Ridge Direct, Shepherds Crag
Jackdaw Ridge, Shepherds Crag
Joke, Falcon Crag
Jopplety How, Borrowdale
King Rat, Goat Crag
King's How, Borrowdale
Knotts, Borrowdale
Kransic Crack, Shepherds Crag
Kremlin, Goat Crag
Lady's Rake, Borrowdale
Lamplighter, Falcon Crag
Langstrath Beck
Langstrath, Borrowdale
Lastest, Black Crag
Libido, Castle Crag
Lincomb Tarns, Borrowdale
Lining Crag, Borrowdale
Little Chamonix, Shepherds Crag
Lobstone Buttress, Goat Crag
Lodore Bridge, Lodore
Lodore Buttress, Gowder Crag
Lodore Falls, Borrowdale
Lodore Groove, Gowder Crag
Lodore Hotel, Borrowdale
Lodore Wood, Borrowdale
Lodore, Borrowdale
Long Band, Borrowdale
Long Corner Cottage, Borrowdale
Long Crag, Borrowdale
Long Moss, Borrowdale
Longthwaite, Borrowdale
Lord's How, Borrowdale
Lord's Island, Derwent Water
Low Crag, Borrowdale
Low Moss, Borrowdale
Low Saddle, Borrowdale
Low Scawdell, Borrowdale
Ludo, Raven Crag
Lyre, Castle Crag
Man Friday, Hind Crag
Mandrake, Quayfoot Buttress
Manesty Nook, Borrowdale
Manesty Park, Borrowdale
Manesty, Borrowdale
Manor House, Borrowdale
Marijuana, Low Crag
Mary Mount, Borrowdale
MGC, Shepherds Crag
Middle Crag, Borrowdale
mill, Borrowdale
Millican's Cave, Castle Crag
Monolith Crack, Shepherds Crag
Monsoon, Goat Crag
Moraine, Borrowdale
Morangie, Goat Crag
Mouse Ghyll Grooves, Maiden Moor
Mouse Ghyll, Maiden Moor
Mousetrap, Goat Crag
Myrtle Bay, Derwent Water
Nab, Goat Crag
New Bridge, Borrowdale
New Girdle Traverse, Gowder Crag
Newton Place, Borrowdale
Niche, Falcon Crag
Nokka, Rosthwaite
Nook Farm, Rosthwaite
North Buttress, Shepherds Crag
North Ridge, Shepherds Crag
NT memorial, Borrowdale
NY21: earthquake 19910610 0728
Oak Cottage, Rosthwaite
Oak Tree Wall, Sergeant's Crag
Obituary Grooves, Black Crag
Old Girdle Traverse, Gowder Crag
Open Cast, Greatend Crag
Ore Gap, Borrowdale
Original Route, Quayfoot Buttress
Original Route, Woden's Face
Orthang, Lining Crag
Outside Route, Dovenest Crag
packhorse bridge, Watendlath
Panacea Ridge, Yew Crag
Park Neb, Borrowdale
Pattersons Fold, Borrowdale
Peace Howe, Borrowdale
Pedestal Wall, Raven Crag
Peeler, Goat Crag
Pendulum, Raven Crag
Pennybrig, Grange
Perched Block, Goat Crag
Peregrine Wall, Goat Crag
Peregrine Way, Gillercombe Crag
Pewits, Borrowdale
Pinnacle Bield, Borrowdale
Pinnacle Route, Heron Crag
Porcupine, Shepherds Crag
Post Mortem, Eagle Crag
Postern Gate, Eagle Crag
Postern Groove, Eagle Crag
Praying Mantis, Goat Crag
privy, Borrowdale
privy, Rosthwaite
privy, Rosthwaite (2)
privy, Rosthwaite (3)
PS, Shepherds Crag
PTO, Shepherds Crag
quarry, Borrowdale
Quayfoot Buttress, Borrowdale
Quayfoot Quarry, Borrowdale
Queer Thing, Goat Crag
Ragnorak, Goat Crag
rain gauge, Borrowdale
Raise Gill
Rampsholme Island, Derwent Water
Randori, Goat Crag
Rat Race, Goat Crag
Rat Trap, Goat Crag
Raven Bastion, Raven Crag
Raven Crag Buttress, Raven Crag
Raven Crag Gully, Raven Crag
Raven Crag, Borrowdale
Raven Crag, Borrowdale (2)
Redberry Wall, Greatend Crag
Redoubt, Sergeant's Crag
Reecastle Crag, Borrowdale
Resting Stone, Borrowdale
Riddler, Falcon Crag
Rig Side, Borrowdale
Rigg Side, Grange
Rigghead Quarries, Borrowdale
RIP, Castle Crag
road, Borrowdale and Buttermere
road, Derwent Water
road, Keswick to Borrowdale
road, Keswick to Grange
Robin's Fold, Borrowdale
Rodine, Goat Crag
Rogues' Gallery, Shepherds Crag
Rose Cottage, Rosthwaite
Rossett Pass, Lakes
Rossett Pike, Lakes
Rosthwaite Bridge, Rosthwaite
Rosthwaite Cam, Borrowdale
Rosthwaite Fell, Borrowdale
Rosthwaite, Borrowdale
Roughknott Gill
Route 1, High Steel Knott
Route 2, Falcon Crag
Route 2, High Steel Knott
Royal Oak, Rosthwaite
Ruddy Gill
salt spring, Borrowdale
salt spring, Borrowdale (2)
Salt Well Mines, Borrowdale
Salving House, Rosthwaite
Scafell Hotel, Rosthwaite
Scaleclose Force, Borrowdale
school, Grange
Scorpion, Shepherds Crag
Scrape, Goat Crags
Scratch, Goat Crags
Seathwaite Bridge, Borrowdale
Seathwaite Cottage, Borrowdale
Seathwaite Farm Cottage, Borrowdale
Seathwaite Farm, Borrowdale
Seathwaite Fell, Borrowdale
Seathwaite, Borrowdale
Seatoller Bridge, Seatoller
Seatoller Fell, Borrowdale
Seatoller, Borrowdale
Sergeant Crag Gully, Sergeant's Crag
Sergeant's Crag, Borrowdale
Serptinous, Yew Crag
settlement, Borrowdale
sheepfold, Borrowdale
sheepfold, Borrowdale (2)
sheepfold, Borrowdale (3)
sheepfold, Borrowdale (4)
sheepfold, Borrowdale (5)
sheepfold, Borrowdale (6)
sheepfold, Borrowdale (7)
sheepfold, Borrowdale (8)
sheepfold, Borrowdale (9)
sheepfold, Borrowdale (10)
sheepfold, Borrowdale (11)
sheepfold, Borrowdale (12)
sheepfold, Borrowdale (13)
sheepfold, Seathwaite
sheepfold, Seathwaite (2)
Shepherds Crag, Borrowdale
Shepherd's Chimney, Shepherds Crag
Shepherd's Close, Borrowdale
Shepherd's Delight, Shepherds Crag
Shepherd's Gully, Shepherds Crag
Shepherd's Warning, Shepherds Crag
Shivery Knott, Borrowdale
Shivery Man, Borrowdale
Shroud, Black Crag
Side Exit, Combe Gill
Sinuate Slab, Yew Crag
Slab Route, Raven Crag
Slab Start, Gowder Crag
Slime Corner, Greatend Crag
Slings, Shepherds Crag
Solifidian's Route, Raven Crag
Sour Milk Gill (2)
South Buttress, Hind Crag
South Crag, Borrowdale
Southeast Gully, Great End
Southern Bbuttress, Gillercombe Crag
Spinup, Falcon Crag
Sprinkling Tarn, Borrowdale
Sprogg, Eagle Crag
Squawk, Eagle Crag
St Andrew, Borrowdale
Stable Hills Farm, Borrowdale
Stable Hills, Borrowdale
Stake Beck (2)
Stake Pass, Borrowdale
station, Ashness Bridge
station, Castle Crag
station, Walla Crag
stepping stones, Borrowdale
stepping stones, Rosthwaite
Steps End Farm, Borrowdale
Stockley Bridge, Borrowdale
stone wall, Borrowdale
stone wall, Borrowdale (2)
stone wall, Borrowdale (3)
stone wall, Seathwaite
stone wall, Seathwaite (2)
stone wall, Stonethwaite
Stonethwaite Beck
Stonethwaite Bridge, Stonethwaite
Stonethwaite Farm, Borrowdale
Stonethwaite Fell, Borrowdale
Stonethwaite Fell, Borrowdale (2)
Stonethwaite, Borrowdale
Strands Bridge, Borrowdale
Strandshag Bay, Keswick
Stranger Ghyll Buttress, Sergeant's Crag
Stretch, Falcon Crag
Strutta Buttress, Low Crag
Sty Head, Nether Wasdale
Styhead Gill
Styhead Tarn, Borrowdale
Styx, Greatend Crag
summer house, Rosthwaite
Summit Route, Raven Crag
Sunnyside Up, Lining Crag
Sylvan Way, Shepherds Crag
Tarn at Leaves, Borrowdale
tarn, Borrowdale
Taylorgill Force, Borrowdale
Technician, Long Crag
telephone box, Borrowdale
telephone box, Borrowdale (2)
telephone box, Borrowdale (3)
telephone box, Borrowdale (4)
Theseus, Shepherds Crag
Thornythwaite Farm, Borrowdale
Thornythwaite Fell, Borrowdale
Thor's Entrance, Bowder Crag
Thor's Exit, Bowder Crag
Thor's Ridge, Bowder Crag
Threefooted Brandreth, Borrowdale
Thunacar Knott, Lakes
Tiercel Wall, Gillercombe Crag
Tongue Head, Borrowdale
track, Seathwaite to Wasdale Head
Trad, Goat Crag
Trapeze, Eagle Crag
trig point, NY2583012481
trig point, NY2807609539
trig point, NY2870918045
Trod Dovera, Combe Gill
Trod Hovera, Combe Gill
Troutdale Cottages, Borrowdale
Troutdale fishery, Borrowdale
Troutdale Pinnacle Direct, Black Crag
Troutdale Pinnacle Superdirect, Black Crag
Troutdale Pinnacle, Black Crag
Troutdale Ridge, Black Crag
Turning the North, Shepherds Crag
Twa Hummocks North, Combe Gill
Twa Hummocks South, Combe Gill
Tyro's Gully, Raven Crag
Ullscarf, Borrowdale
Undertaker, Greatend Crag
Urn, Goat Crag
Valhalla, Bowder Crag
Vertigo, Black Crag
Vesper, Shepherds Crag
Vicissitude, Low Crag
Voodoo, Gowder Crag
Vortigern, Castle Crag
Vulcan's Buttress, Greatend Crag
Walking the Plank, Bowder Crag
Walpole memorial, Borrowdale
war memorial, Borrowdale
Wastdale Forest, Borowdale
Watendlath Beck
Watendlath Fell, Borrowdale
Watendlath Tarn, Borrowdale
Watendlath, Borrowdale
waterfall, Barrow Beck
waterfall, Greenup Gill
waterfall, Seathwaite Slabs
Wayfarer's Crack, Great End
Wesleyan Church, Grange
West Face Route, Sergeant's Crag
White Crag, Borrowdale
Whit's End, Grains Gill
Whit's Ridge, Grains Gill
Whit's Wall, Grains Gill
Windy Gap, Borrowdale
Woden's Cheek, Woden's Face
Woden's Face Direct, Woden's Face
Woden's Face, Quayfoot Quarry
Woden's Needle, Bowder Crag
Woden's Way, Bowder Crag
Wreath, Black Crag
Yew Crag, Borrowdale
Yew Tree Cottage, Rosthwaite
Yew Tree Farm, Borrowdale
Yew Tree Farm, Rosthwaite
Yew Tree Restaurant, Borrowdale
Yewcrag Quarries, Borrowdale

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2008

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